Friday, December 26, 2008

The Late Great EARTHA KITT

Eartha Kitt passed away. Her song "SANTA BABY" is on the charts. What a woman!!!
Catwoman was played Purrfectly by her on the BATMAN TV series. Kitt and Julie Newmar are my favorite Catwomen.
What I liked most about Eartha Kitt, was her fiery personality. She was hip to fight for civil rights. She lived on her own terms. Her stances got her kicked out of America but she held strong. She had a voice that was rich like fine cognac. She spoke several languages but French on her tongue sounded magnificently. Broadway Star, Movie Star, TV Actress, Political Activist, Dancer, Singer and so much more.
The heavens now have another bright star to add to the magnificence, L'etoile EARTHA KITT.

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