Monday, December 22, 2008

Is Brandy a B_tch? & A Dog Named Rumsfeld

Funny thing happened on Friday, one I was eating cookies in Beverly Hills, and the singer BRANDY happens to come out of a car. Meanwhile I'm sitting, she comes up to me and asks are you the paparazzi? I have to think about it, because I actually don't think of myself as one. I think I'm much cooler and more of an artist. So anyway, she says to me "I really don't want my picture taken today. Can you respect that?" I was still on the question if I was a pap? Also I said hello to her before she came up to me while I was sitting outside in a restaurant. A lot of good it gets me being nice. Doesn't BRANDY have an album out? I actually try to shoot celebrities in a positive light considering so few African Americans are ever in the magazines unless they are in trouble. So anyway, I didn't shoot her. I let her slide. LAST TIME!!!! So in honor of Brandy's bitchiness and me giving her another free pass, I'm putting the video of the last time we met here.
This video was taken after we did the first one...

After Brandy, I met this lady. She was dressed to the nines so I asked her if I could take a picture. She thought I meant just of her dog, no I meant her as well.

Wearing a coat that PETA would HATE, the lady told me her dog's name was Rumsfeld like another political dog Donald Rumsfeld.

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