Saturday, December 13, 2008

ALVIN AILEY Celebrates 50th Years

Unfortunately I have yet to photograph the ALVIN AILEY Dance Company so I have no photos of mine to put here. But I do what to give a shout out to Melena Ryzik from URBANEYE of the NY Times who did an excellent piece on the 50th Anniversary of the acclaimed dance troupe.
I have seen the ALVIN AILEY dancers perform. It is too hard for me to watch REVELATIONS without weeping it is simply ART at it's best. Oh to be a great dancer apart of ALVIN AILEY. Next life time. I'll will have to take a class there when I go to New York. If ever you have the opportunity to see the ALVIN AILEY Dance Company in person, you simply must. For now if you go to my and look at my FAVORITES (videos), you will be able to see "REVELATIONS" and Ryzik's video.
I think "REVELATIONS" should be performed at the Innaguration of Barak Obama.

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