Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Two Queens Having Celebrity-itis!

Sometimes the funniest videos happen while your waiting for a celebrity. Here are two friends having a duel over who has the most pictures with A-list Celebs. Cue the dueling banjo theme from "DELIVERANCE"...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another Porn Performer Tests Positive for HIV Forces Temporary Shut Down in Porn Production in Los Angeles

Just found out another porn actor/actress has tested positive for the AIDS virus. This has caused a mandatory shut down in porn filming in the Los Angeles. Porn rakes in upwards of $14 Billion dollars in profits. Big Business has agendas. Porn is a destructive force pushing more than unprotected sex and risky behavior but that is another story that I will write on later.
If the performer who has contracted the virus, worked or had sex with a partner or multiple partners in another state or several or even in another country/countries while being infected, how would he or she or anyone know? Due to the nature of the situation, the health authorities can not name the person. It is slightly confusing who is responsible for the testing and notification of the performers due to AIM Medical Associates being shut down and embroiled in a law suit. AIM used to be responsible for testing and maintaining a data base for porn performers in the industry. Now the FSC (Free Speech Coalition- a porn industry/adult industry trade association) is in the mix as well. It seems a little dumb to have the Porn Industry (executives) at the helm of an organization that is suppose to make sure sex workers/performers will be safe and healthy. It would seem more logical to have an outside Health Authority making sure that porn performers were STD free and clear to work. By the way, many performers are clear to work if they have multiple STDs. It seems they only have mandatory shut downs if a performer tests positive for HIV. I guess when one looks deeply at the problem the only person who is responsible, is the person not wearing a condom.
A group of activists including FAIR (For Adult Industry Responsibility) and The Aids Healthcare Foundation have joined together to put an initiative on the California ballot in 2012 to force mandatory condom use in adult films.
Here is a look back at Derrick Burts announcement last year about contacting HIV

Monday, August 29, 2011

DWTS Has A New Cast & New Attitude Chaz Bono, David Arquette and More

David Arquette had spilled the beans and announced that he was going to be on the latest season of Dancing With The Stars with last year Mirror Ball winner with Hines Ward, Kym Johnson. I decided to investigate. Also after Russell Armstrong's death then the news that his business associate Alan Schram died with a gun shot to the head with both deaths labeled a suicide, I've been in a fog about "reality" shows. Side note, I was asked to be apart of a "reality show" and I thought about it long and hard and didn't sign. Funny how things happen for a reason. It has been unsettling to meet people and photograph them at media events or in Beverly Hills and they die under suspicious or unexpected circumstances. Doing this type of work and actually taking the pictures and the videos instead of just buying frames puts one face to face with the people in the media. Some you bond with while you are covering a story. Others you meet at various events and say hello. Shooting DWTS has been one of my favorite things to do over the past 3 years. So I was looking forward to it as well as the challenge. I ran into Mark Ballas and later I see a blond woman. At the time I didn't see who she was. I was very far away. Meanwhile I'm on the side walk not on the property and this guy comes over and starts sticking his hand in my camera. I'm surprised by this, I keep my cool and say I'm on public property. I'm being respectful what's your problem? And he blocks me and sticks his hand in my camera. Later he gave me this nice memento.

This guy was close to physical violence over a person taking a photograph from the side walk. Really? I hope he has good health insurance and he is well paid for his "protecting" a reality star from being photographed. I asked him where he was the day before when David Arquette gave an interview? He didn't answer. The day after the Arquette story broke, I heard a rumor from the site StoopidHousewives that Kim Richards of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was going to be on the show. Also various sources said Chaz Bono was going to be on the show. So there are leaks everywhere. I couldn't figure out why the guy was acting like such a DICK. I thought it was Kim Richards it wasn't. Meanwhile it is now Monday morning, almost 3am and I kept the secret for several days. The funny thing about life is, when you are a decent person primarily and you give people respect, you don't follow people like other paparazzi to their home etc., you have fun with the people you photograph and interview and it shows, you get treated like a piece of shit by a guy that takes his job title a little too seriously. Make your paper baby and continue to loose your soul. One has to remember who owns the media. I think it is 8 corporations that hold the entire world in the palm of their hand. They have products to sell, humans to hypnotize and minds to mold. Disney is one and of course DWTS is on ABC which is owned by Disney. I'm sure the guy will be promoted to a high office. I waited long enough. FOR SURE DWTS list so far Ron Artest, Kristen Cavallari with Mark Ballas, Elisabetta Canalis with Valentin Chmerkovskiy, Chaz Bono partner Lacey Schwimmer, David Arquette and Kym Johnson, Karina Smirnoff is back but her partner did a dash Kim Richards and Rob Kardashian very likely. The ones in bold I know for a fact. The entire cast list will be out later today. I have exclusive pix from Friday have to wait a little longer to post here right now. Maksim may not be on board since his brother is dancing with Elisabetta Canalis the exGF of George Clooney. Will Derek Hough return? I am expecting to see Tony Dovolani. Tune in later.

When Advertising Becomes Pollution

When I saw the red box dvd rental contraption I was fascinated by who came up with the bright idea to put it smack dab in the middle of the best place to take a photo of Grauman's. Also I asked several people that I didn't put on video what they thought of the marketing campaign and they felt as I did. Just an opinion...

Getting Wet

While the East Coast has been hit with odd "hurricane" harp weather, it has been exceptionally hot the last few days in Los Angeles. Although the regular media took the situation very seriously, there were several people who had fun in the "serious" storm. There are several viral videos on the web of guys streaking, people playing in the rain and one lady saying to a somber news reporter that she was going to get drunk. I guess it is all how you interpret and look at things. As I was driving on 3rd street, a wonderful site of water gushing got my eye and I wanted to get wet...

All I knew is that I wanted to get wet and it reminded me of being in the East Coast on a hot summer day when someone undid a fire hydrant and let the water out much to the enjoyment to the kids around the block.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Prison, Reality TV, Selling Your Soul, Hustlers & The Fame Monster

This is a continuation and the final video of the Russell Armstrong apparent suicide thread of videos with an inside source. In this segment we talk about prison, affairs, the fame monster, selling your soul and the DL...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Russell Armstrong,The Fame Monster & The Jack In The Box

A continuation of the chat I had with a "source" who knew Russell Armstrong. During the discussion, I realized that Russell Armstrong loved to be in front of the cameras which was quite different from the other 'Real Housewives from Beverly Hills' husbands.

In death, Russell Armstrong got more attention unfortunately.

Was Russell Armstrong's Death A Suicide or Murder?

An interesting conversation with a man who knew Russell Armstrong. He gives his take on Armstrong's death...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Danny DeVito Gets A Much Deserved Star - The Videos by KAT TALES TV

The super talented and irreverent Danny DeVito received a Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday. DeVito was one of the most entertaining stars to receive one since Mel Brooks. He kept us laughing. Here is a quick look at some of the fun...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lady Gaga Brings The Bizness

Say what you want about the phenom Lady Gaga but one thing for sure she knows how to dazzle the fame monster. She knows how to work a crowd into a frenzy and how to give the paparazzi what they need in photographs. Gaga goes gaga for her fans and I have to give her much respect for that. She knows that without her fans, she would not be LADY GAGA. Here is Lady Gaga leaving a LA recording studio earlier this morning...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Suspicious Package Investigated by The Beverly Hills Bomb Squad

Some people thought a movie was being filmed but it was the real deal. A suspicious package was found and investigated by the Beverly Hills Bomb Squad an hour ago. Businesses were evacuated and traffic was diverted for public safety...

It is a interesting phenomenon that people are getting desensitized to reality and the seriousness of certain situations due to the influence of movies, TV and other entertainment.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Paz de la Huerta Signed on for Nurse 3D

Paz de la Heurta of "Boardwalk Empire" has a new film in the works entitled 'NURSE 3D'. Corbin Bleu and Katrina Bowden also star. The film is due out in 2012. Here's a clip of Paz de la Huerta in Beverly Hills chatting about her assualt case...

The Last Time I Saw Francesco Quinn

Francesco Quinn passed away over the weekend in Malibu at the age of 48. I chatted with Francesco several times while covering the Los Angeles Italia Film Festival. We talked about a wonderful film that his father Anthony Quinn did with Lauren Bacall called "A Star For Two". Francesco was always fun to chat with he spoke about 5 or 6 languages and he was always impeccably dressed. It appears he died of a heart attack but I will remember him with a smile on his face talking about movies. Here's the last time I photographed Francesco and his wife Valentina Castellini-Quinn. RIP Francesco Quinn and my condolences to your lovely wife and family.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Batman The Dark Knight Proposes To The Love of His Life

Batman The Dark Knight is in the news lately. Great pictures have come out of Pittsburgh causing the blogosphere all a twitter with comments. But today on Hollywood Blvd, the Dark Knight Batman (Shay) executed an elaborate proposal worthy of a super hero. Shay dressed up as The Dark Knight and proposed to Sana. Here is a nervous Shay before the proposal...

Here is Sana at first not into getting close to Batman...

Everything worked out great. Best wishes to the couple.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Real Madrid Gets Wet

While practicing in America, Real Madrid gets a little wet by UCLA's sprinklers...

Japanese Tourists Visiting Hollywood Chat With KAT about Japan After Earthquake & Nuclear Radiation Crisis

I shot this video a few months ago finally had some superfast wifi to put it up. I love chatting with people from all over the world who can give a first hand perspective of what is REALLY happening in their neck of the woods. I have found it quite stimulating and amazing that so many people visiting the States have a different point of view than what the media tells us the majority are thinking. Better yet, I like hearing directly from their mouths what they think. Here are two Japanese Tourists talking about the challenges that hit Japan after the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear plant crisis...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Claudio Loves Arnold Schwarzenegger

On July 30th a few hours after photographing The Terminator, I saw this cute guy wearing an Arnold Schwarzenegger T-shirt so I had to ask him if he knew what day it was and why he was wearing such an unusual shirt. Here is Claudio telling me his story...
Update here is a video of Claudio kissing Arnold's hand prints that he showed me...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Real Madrid Detained By Beverly Hills Parking Police

Nothing like parking enforcement to put a downer on a sunny day. Who hasn't gotten a ticket and felt the pain of realizing your going to have to pay a hefty sum? Fans of Real Madrid watched their tour bus drive around and around due to the horrible parking situation in Beverly Hills. The driver drove around the block so many times in fact the Coach Jose Mourinho ended up looking for the bus...

When the driver came to a stop to pick up the team, he was stopped by the law and his license was taking away while Real Madrid wondered if they were going to make it to the airport on time...

Eventually, the driver was given back his license after he received a very large ticket for parking illegally and Real Madrid was on their way.

Mel Brooks Got A New Gig On HBO

My comic Godfather Mel Brooks, the director, composer, screenwriter, actor, producer, lyricist and one of the funniest people on the planet has a new gig. Mr. Brooks will be working with Dick Cavett on HBO. The show will be called "Mel Brooks and Dick Cavett Together Again". The hour long special will debut Sept. 9th on HBO.

Lady Gaga Illuminates The Chateau Marmont

Lady Gaga worked the Chateau Marmont entrance/exit like a fashion runway the other day causing a frentic frenzy...