Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sabrina The Teenage Witch Opens A Candy Store

Melissa Joan Hart star of Sabrina The Teenage Witch opens a family friendly candy store.

Wearing a beautiful blue candy stripe dress and fuschia shoes,
Melissa Joan was the hostess with the mostess at Sweet Harts on Saturday. All kinds of candy, frozen yogurt and gelato

gave customers a smorgasbord of choices. Hart gave out free frozen yogurt including a marvelous assortment of toppings to hundreds. Sweet Harts is designed with humor and a great color scheme. There is a play room complete with chalkboard
where kids can write or draw on.

A clear table with candy inside it is the center point of the perfect sized party room. Look for Sweet Harts to be a big success.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Philip Bailey of Legendary Group Earth, Wind & Fire...

After performing at President Obama's fund raising event in Beverly Hills this week, Philip Bailey made a quick stop on Bedford Drive. The lead singer of the extremely prolific Earth, Wind and Fire, was in a hurry as he rushed back to his chauffeured SUV.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Angelina Jolie Injured

Angelina Jolie was injured earlier today while performing a stunt on her new movie SALT. According to the production company, Jolie was taken to the hospital after sustaining a cut between her eyes, she was released from the hospital after being checked.

People Asking for Free Pix & Videos from KAT

Lately, I have gotten requests from some ballzy people demanding and sometimes asking for my photos and or videos for FREE. The manner in which some of these people have been doing it makes me want to spank their ass. And not in a good way. They are so f---g RUDE! They demand demand demand. They want they want they want. Are we in a relationship? Because if I want to be f-cked, maybe I would get an orgasm, or something worthwhile for being used.
I'm going to break it down. All interviews, all videos, all photographs, all editing, all captioning, all uploading to agents as well as youtube and this blog is done by one person. KAT aka me. There are over 250 free videos on my youtube page that anyone can see and hopefully enjoyed. My videos are tagged so I get credit for my work. I have people requesting for me to change or delete my tag for their usage. I have people demanding my pictures for newspapers without paying for it. When I ask people do they get paid for their work, they seemed to get angry. I dont know what their problems is. Some have tried insults to get my pictures/videos for free. That is so retarded. In a given day I may photograph 6 sets. That means six celebrities and normally I interview them as well. We are talking over 300 pictures in a day that have to be edited & uploaded. Anyone who knows videos, is familiar with the fact videos take longer to upload plus many have to be edited for youtube. So in a given day I may be editing and uploading for another 4-6 hours AFTER I finished shooting.
I'm kind of busy. So I hope that answers why any requests for my pictures without my tag is not possible. I like credit for my work. If you want my pictures w/o the tags contact my agents.

Schools Out For Summer... How Broke is California?

In a move to save money, Governor cancels Summer School. According to the LA Times "Los Angeles Unified School District officials announced today that all summer school classes are being canceled at elementary and middle schools, and only credit recovery courses will be offered at high schools. The reductions were prompted by the district's budget deficit, which calls for $131 million in new cuts by June 30 and up to $273 million next year after voters overwhelmingly rejected a package of state ballot measures earlier this month. Once the measures failed, state legislators were left grappling with a $21.3 billion deficit and are considering cutting $5.3 billion from public school districts and community colleges over the next 13 months." -- quote from Seema Mehta of the LA TImes.
Also Community Colleges are canceling courses as well so students trying to catch up or get ahead during the summer will be effected.
Unfortunately it is too late to recall the "acting" Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

When A Miss Teen is Smarter than a Miss California USA

I had the pleasure of meeting a very bright young lady yesterday. Taylor Atkins, Miss California Teen USA 2008 has a great head on her shoulders.
Besides being very poised, she is a cool person to chat with. I told her mom seen here in the following picture,
that she did a great job with her daughter.
Taylor thought that the current Miss California USA wasn't living up to her contract. Atkins also said that she was done with beauty contests and that she was getting ready to graduate. She is majoring in Communication. Update*** Taylor got her beautiful lashes from Longmi Lashes by Daniel.

Academy Award Winner Sissy Spacek

Great Actress Sissy Spacek was out and about yesterday.
Oscar winner for the role of Loretta Lynn in Coal Miner's Daughter and star of cult classic Carrie, Spacek said hi before going into an office.

Cedric The Entertainer - MetroSexual?

Bumped into Cedric The Entertainer yesterday. He was getting a mani/pedi at a Beverly Hills nails salon (that ruined my nails for about a month because they use the wrong too harsh emery boards on real nails). Anyway, I'm sure he got better treatment.
Cedric was looking sharp and in a good mood. I'm teasing about the MetroSexual thing. Ladies like a man with well groomed hands (for obvious reasons) and having smooth toe nails that aren't gross is a welcome addition to any bed time story.
Getting back to Cedric, the last time I photographed him he was driving another car.

He was driving a very clean Rolls Royce when he left.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What Is Like To Be Michael Jackson....

Watch this video to get a glimpse of the hysteria when you walk in the footsteps of the King of Pop...

Rutger Hauer One of The Coolest Guys EVER

So yesterday, I'm eating yogurt and this tall well dressed man is walking past me. I sneak away and then someone tries to follow me but I shake them. I go up to the man and I know who he is RUTGER HAUER.
He is the coolest we talk for about 15 minutes. Can you say BLADE RUNNER? He tells me what he is up to. We talk about SAG (Screen Actor's Guild) (sucks). We talked about residuals and how much of his work he didn't get them. He tells me what he thinks about most TV shows. I tell him my favorites that are on HBO which isn't really TV. I tell him #1 Ladies Detective Agency and In Treatment with Gabriel Bryne. Matter of fact, I pitch him that he should do the show and play Gabriel's friend who is also a therapist and they could vie for the same woman's attention.

I didn't know at the time that Hauer had just completed submissions to a short film competition that he is spear heading so he was all pitched out. But I was doing it not for me but for him.
He is such a consummate actor if he is having challenges for the right roles than there is little hope for the rest of us. I checked out his website Rutger also has a page for poets which makes me like him even more. What a great face and expressive eyes Mr. Hauer has.
I could have photographed him all day. I liked talking to him so much and in a way it was such an blatantly honest conversation about show bizness that I didn't video tape. The vibe was like a private conversation amongst friends although this lady was listening to the entire conversation.

Wolfgang Puck - Celebrity Chef

I saw Wolfgang Puck yesterday. I've eaten at his restaurants and he serves great food. Wolfgang is one of the most successful chef's in the world. He also is a bankable restaurateur with a newly opened restaurant in downtown Los Angeles. Besides, restaurants, catering, (he normally does the OSCARS), cook books, and cookware Wolfgang Puck has branched out to have some of the favorites (ie. pizza, salads) in grocery stores. Wolfgang Puck is also known for his most famous venture, Spago.

Quween Of Bedford Moving On Up

The Queen of Bedford aka Quween on the Scene got a legit gig yesterday. Quween was hired by FUNNY OR DIE a website video production company funded and founded by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay. Quween will be performing a skit with former American Idol Katherine McPhee. The bit has Quween acting as a body guard to celebrities while they go out and about. So as art imitates life the comedy bit will be based on reality...

With the exception that the Qwueen of Bedford now has her own Celebrity Security Agency.

Tom Green The Video Interview

You know Hollywood Jesus told me that Tom Green was a genious. At first I scoffed at that. Then later I watched some of his comedy bits on youtube and I changed my mind.
Here is the Tom Green Video intereview from Memorial Day....

Teyana Taylor The Video Interview

Didn't know much about Ms. Hotness Teyana Taylor before I photographed and interviewed her. But like her song from last year said "GOOGLE ME" so I did. Taylor has the edge of Grace Jones underneath all that Sexiness. The more I know the more I like...Here's the interview...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

JC Tells Why Adam Lambert Lost American Idol

On the eve of the Supreme Court of California voting on same sex marriages, Jesus tells me why Adam Lambert who maybe fronting the 70's Super Group QUEEN, lost American Idol...

Funny Man Jon Lovitz Has A New Venture

Funny man Jon Lovitz is opening a comedy club at Univeral City. May 28th Jon Lovitz Comedy Club will open with a benefit. Here is a blast from the past Jon Lovitz letting it rip on TMZ and Harvey Levin...Part 1...

Part 2...

Part 3...

Monday, May 25, 2009

TMZ Finally Finds Jesus

I have to admit that I "discovered" JC aka look alike Jesus Christ last year. I thought he was a major discovery. Here is the original video...

Now, JC is hot on TMZ. He is on the TV show and the TMZ website. What Hollywood needs is more JC. I found JC hoovering around the Passion of The Christ's Director Mel Gibson's cement block.

Lisa Raye White Alright

Actress Lisa Raye hit Beverly Hills on Friday wearing white and looking fly. Lisa was in high spirits drinking Fiji water and carrying a Prada handbag after beauty treatments at Longmi Lashes by Daniel.
Hopefully Ms. Raye's love life is doing much better now that she is out of her previously abusive relationship.

Tom Green Makes Memorial Day Memorable

Comedian Tom Green was roaming around Hollywood today. He was surrounded by happy fans who wanted to snap a picture of Green. Recently, Tom was photographed on Robertson kissing another guy. I asked him about it. I'll add the video a little later.
Normally when a celebrity makes a Public display of themselves, it means that they have a new project they are interested in promoting. We will soon see what Mr. Green has coming down the pike. Last time we saw Tom Green was on Celebrity Apprentice.

Friday, May 22, 2009

TEYANA Taylor is One HOT MAMA....

With great hair, lips, personality and body, Teyana Taylor has the making of a major star. Taken to Robertson Blvd by celebrity Eye Lash Guru to the Stars, Ja'Maal Buster, Ms. Taylor went to all the hot spots KITSON, the newly opened MOODS OF NORWAY and ROCK & REPUBLIC.
At Rock & Republic, Teyanna tried out their makeup line with the help of Troy Kendal.

Ja'Maal Buster (shown above putting mascara on Teyana) knows a great face when he sees one. Buster has groomed and elongated the lashes of Rihanna, Audrina Patridge, Jane Fonda, Paris Hilton and oodles and oodles of celebrities.

Taylor is the protege of Pharell. She is from Harlem and besides being a rapper, singer and choreographer under the age of 21, she is scheduled to have a TV show next year.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Diane Lane Graces Bedford...

One of my favorite actresses, Diane Lane cruised by Bedford today. Wearing a summer hat and faded jeans, Diane looked like she was at the Hamptons.