Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jewel is Ty's (Not So) Secret Weapon

I was having a deep conversation with some Dancing With The Stars fans who were in shock over Lil Kim's demise. With Ty Murray being in the bottom two for most of the competition, many wanted the Bull Rider to go. One of the main reasons is his better half JEWEL. Jewel and Jewel's people are adept in working it.
Jewel has been seen everywhere and is constantly photographed and interviewed. Not only does Ty receive the benefits of having his wife's support, he also gets her fans supporting him. And the best part for Jewel, although she was injured and couldn't perform on the show, she is able to be a part of the show and get all the benefits of constantly being on TV and in magazines.

This is great for someone who has a new album and tour on the way. Don't get me wrong, Ty's dancing has improved greatly but better than Lil Kim - Don't think so!

Jewel proves the old adage behind every great man is a more Brilliant Woman.

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