Friday, May 29, 2009

People Asking for Free Pix & Videos from KAT

Lately, I have gotten requests from some ballzy people demanding and sometimes asking for my photos and or videos for FREE. The manner in which some of these people have been doing it makes me want to spank their ass. And not in a good way. They are so f---g RUDE! They demand demand demand. They want they want they want. Are we in a relationship? Because if I want to be f-cked, maybe I would get an orgasm, or something worthwhile for being used.
I'm going to break it down. All interviews, all videos, all photographs, all editing, all captioning, all uploading to agents as well as youtube and this blog is done by one person. KAT aka me. There are over 250 free videos on my youtube page that anyone can see and hopefully enjoyed. My videos are tagged so I get credit for my work. I have people requesting for me to change or delete my tag for their usage. I have people demanding my pictures for newspapers without paying for it. When I ask people do they get paid for their work, they seemed to get angry. I dont know what their problems is. Some have tried insults to get my pictures/videos for free. That is so retarded. In a given day I may photograph 6 sets. That means six celebrities and normally I interview them as well. We are talking over 300 pictures in a day that have to be edited & uploaded. Anyone who knows videos, is familiar with the fact videos take longer to upload plus many have to be edited for youtube. So in a given day I may be editing and uploading for another 4-6 hours AFTER I finished shooting.
I'm kind of busy. So I hope that answers why any requests for my pictures without my tag is not possible. I like credit for my work. If you want my pictures w/o the tags contact my agents.

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