Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shawn Johnson Takes Dancing With The Stars

Shawn Johnson wins DWTS.
Besides Johnson being very talented on the dance floor, a diligent rehearser and a consummate professional, Shawn also has some very savvy PR people around her. If you take a good look at the first photo above, you will see a woman with her arms around Ms. Johnson. Every time I was at the Grove and they saw me, they would turn Shawn towards me so I could get a good shot. I appreciated it don't get me wrong but one thing if a person wants to win Dancing With the Stars one has to know one major thing. It is a POPULARITY contest.

You have to work it. You have to go to events, sign autographs, do the red carpet - like TERMINATOR SALVATION which Shawn attended.

As RuPaul said "You Better Work It!!!!

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  1. Dancing with the stars is the show that i am watching from its beginning. This is a huge hit. I love to see celebrities on the dance floor dancing with the professionals.Thanks to make some posts on this show.