Thursday, May 7, 2009

Santa Barbara Fire - My Two Cents

In a rich country such as ours that has billions and billions of dollars to throw creating and implementing aircraft and military weapons to kill, why the hell can't some of those "brilliant" brains create aircrafts and other new inventions to combat fires. Especially in California with all the numerous fires that happen every year, it isn't like it is shocking that fires happen here with the hot weather, low rain fall and dry brush so why aren't we better prepared. I don't know but maybe we can bring back some of our National Guard and use some of our brain capacity and dream up some more fire prevention, irrigation systems, and bigger air water carriers that can help soak and contain the fires. Also I heard something that I didn't know that if you have to leave your home in a fire, Close your garage door. Most garages are full of combustible items that will catch fire in an instant. Brush up on fire emergencies techniques and be prepared.

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