Tuesday, May 19, 2009

No Doubt No Joke No Shit

So for the last 5 days I've been inundated with Moods Of Norway. I had no idea that NO DOUBT

would be on Jimmy Kimmel yesterday doing a pre taped performance. I was hanging out with a Finnish friend and he told me. I thanked him and promptyly left dreading the afternoon traffic. Eventhough I was exhausted, I stayed to the bitter end last night which meant a night of little sleep and a lot of uploading footage.

Gwen Stefani looked cool as usual. I'll never forget one day I saw her and Gavin Rossdale at the Melrose Trading Post browsing around. What a good looking couple. Anyway, Gwen Stefani, Tony Kanal, Adrian Young and Tom Dumont made their patient fans very happy.

I don't remember seeing a line so long to see a band at Jimmy Kimmel. The KILLERS line wasn't as long and that one was huge. Gwen brought her children with her and boy could Kingston dance.
The male members of the band signed and took photos before the concert.
Gwen signed afterwards. Unfortunately my camera was on the wrong setting and or batteries needed to be recharged so my pictures of Gwen were unusable. I used 2 SD cards shooting No Doubt.

Lots of video footage while the band signed before the concert and during soundcheck make up for the lack of Gwen photos. I really dig Gwen she is a successful entrepreneur and seems to have a great family. NO DOUBT rocks and they were sporting MOODS OF NORWAY White Dinner Jackets during the actual performance and Gwen Stefani puts hers on halfway through sound check.
So it is funny how just a few days ago, Peder showed me the Spin Magazine with NO DOUBT wearing Moods of Norway, I would have so much fun with them at their opening party and then I would be videoing and photographing NO DOUBT.
No Doubt that No Doubt will have a successful tour.

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