Saturday, May 16, 2009

Last Night I Didn't Get To Sleep at All....MOODS OF NORWAY Rock A Party!!!

First let me say when Moods of Norway throws a party...
They throw a P-A-R-T-Y!
On the heels of Gwen Stefani and the rest of NO DOUBT wearing Moods White Dinner Jackets in the current issue of SPIN magazine as well as wearing them during their concert tour, the flagship MOODS OF NORWAY American store opened last night on Robertson.
I walked in right when Perez Hilton was riding high.

The party was so fun and the people were so nice and entertaining that sorry I didn't take that many pictures. Actor Jonathan Silverman was in the house.

Plus there were HOT HOT HOT Guys Galore wearing SUITS. You know how I love men in suits. It was a straight chicks dream party. Nice HOT GUYS wearing suits. Boy did I have FUN!!! Champagne, waffles & drinks were flowing. Moods had a Killer Team making sure everything went smoothly.
The DJ even rocked for me Grace Jones so you know the party was bumping. Maybe there is hope maybe there are some hot nice guys lurking in the shadows of heLA. Some very handsome guy gave me a compliment and after saying thank you I said where is your girlfriend? He said "I don't know probably talking to some other guy." I said, you should see about that because you are too fine to be left alone. Later on, I saw him and he found his girlfriend and I told her what I said to him. She said to me what a great ass I had. I could go on but I'm laughing. The party moved from Robertson to the Mondrian's SKY BAR. I was dancing and having FUN!!! Some other hot guy asked me to dance and I kept saying where is your girl friend whom I met and was very nice. We were dancing close and STRONG. So HOT. Both of us were leading. We had to part before it got dangerous. Then another guy wearing a Moods of Norway Black Evening Jacket with a textured print (who actually was the best dressed man at the party) and I were talking. He had salt and pepper hair and so charming....I haven't been around so many well dressed men that were so not Neanderthals (except one but in a charming way) in a long time. Working around some of the "people" (and I'm being generous) that I do, last night was like going to Disneyland. Mama likes... Then someone kissed me and the rest is a purple haze. Last Night was Magnificent. Nobody puts on a shindig like MOODS OF NORWAY.

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