Friday, July 29, 2011

The Illuminated Queen of Pop Lady Gaga

Here is a quick look of a little Monster Madness for Lady Gaga outside the Chateau Marmont yesterday before she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Show. Looking like a new age Morticia from "The Addams Family" with Storm from The XMEN comics hair, Lady Gaga worked the crowd and the press. She charmed us all like all Illuminated Ones do...

KAT Catches Real Madrid After They Steal Her Heart

I've have the fortune of shooting some of the most talented, controversial and diverse people in the world. It can be fun, exhausting and educational. Sometimes I fall in love. And like a magnet great shots happen...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Inside Look At Real Madrid Practice

For several days I had the luxury of filming some of the hottest men in soccer/football as well as some of the best athletes in the world. Here are a few videos of what takes place during a Real Madrid practice...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sundy Bloody Sunday on The Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Sunday was a sad day on Hollywood Blvd. Started it off with my butt getting slapped by a stranger. I would have happily punched him but he was in a wheel chair and with my luck someone would have seen me respond without seeing the initial attack and I would have looked like a bad person that beat up a disabled man. That was my first dealing with crazy. A short time after the BID patrol (I like to call them the Haliburton of Hollywood) were called because another mentally ill man who has had numerous run ins with law enforcement, was going to the bathroom in public at Hollywood & Highland (the mall). So about 8 bid patrol officers came as well as the fire department because at one time during the initial altercation the person was unresponsive. The BID patrol released the man and then he came back several times and they tried to escort him off the property. Finally after the 3rd or 4th time they handcuffed him and took him away. I watched the story unfold. Earlier in the day he asked my friend for money and my friend gave it to him. I got into a deep conversation with another photographer about Hollywood Blvd because he was photographing the mentally ill man with the Bozo type haircut being surrounded like hunted game by the BID. I reminded him that homeless and mentally ill people have little resources and little empathy in a world that believes everyone should pull themselves up from their own boot straps. It is the same world where during the Reagan administration cut mental health facilities and closed the doors on people getting help. I don't understand this world with the endless deep pockets for the military industrial complex fraudulent reasons to go into wars that deplete healthcare, education, libraries and so many of our civil liberties and rights. We can't cut military spending but we can cut human services to the bone? What kind of nation are we becoming? Are we becoming the STOICS? Only concerned with the false power of the Empire and disregarding and eliminating all those that need help? After a lengthy conversation while I pointed out the beautifully designed Freemason Building that houses the Jimmy Kimmel Show as well as the detailed faces of what appears to be busts of the Night Templar's or Famous Freemasons next door above the El Capitan owned by Disney, the photographer and I shook hands and he was on his way. A short time later I was talking to someone else when I heard a horrible crash. I turned to see a man bleeding stumbling in the street and another man with a bicycle bleeding as well. I ran in the street to help. Both men at first refused my, as well as two other's help. They both kept saying that were running late and they had to get where they were going. One was an actor in a play. His head was squirting blood. I grabbed his arm and begged him to sit on the ground. An off duty nurse talked to him to see if he was lucid while another man and I tried to stop the bleeding. I sat on the pavement trying to talk to both injured parties into stopping and taking care of themselves. It was crazy. The guy with the bike who had a huge gash on his head above an eye was saying repeatedly that he had to go to work. He couldn't be late. He couldn't loose his job. I joked men never listen to me while I held on to the other guy's head to put pressure on the bleeding. By that time someone had gotten napkins. I had blood all over my hands. I didn't have gloves. Oops. I didn't have time to freak out. Someone called 911. And the Fire Department came and took over while we tried to tell them what happened. I rushed to wash my hands and came back to the scene by that time the police arrived and were taking down the accident report. The guy on the bicycle needed stitches but refused to go to the hospital. The Firemen did what they could to close his wound and bandage his head. I saw him get back on his bike and ride furiously to work. The other guy was bandaged up and his friends arrived to take him to the hospital. He didn't want to be taken away in the ambulance to the hospital because he would have to pay for it so he waited and waited and waited for the friend with the car to pick him up at the curb but his friend couldn't because the street was cut off due to the Muppet Movie getting ready for some additional filming. So I told him to sit back down and a little while later a man comes over and starts laughing at the injured, bloodied guy with a huge bandage on his head. His wife comes over too and starts laughing while (the tourist I assume) is snapping pictures. Their little kids come over too to see the damage. I'm watching these so called adults laugh at a guy who just got into a serious accident and his wound is bleeding through the bandage and I ask them, "what are you laughing at?" They say "at the guy". I say incredulously what the hell are you laughing for? He just got hit!" They laugh some more and say "Oh I thought it was a movie!" I said I hope someone laughs at you when you get injured and takes pictures. What the hell is happening? Are people so dumb down with gutter entertainment and violent films that they can't distinguish between real blood and fake? Were they laughing the second time out of embarrassment? Or are they just that stupid, ignorant and careless. They snickered as they walked away. I turned around and the injured guy with his friends decided to walk down Hollywood to the corner of Highland so their other friend could pick them up. Before he left he thanked me and I warned him that he was going to feel pretty bad in a day or two and to take it slow. I watched them make that long walk as his head started to bleed more and his friends tried to help him walk. I thought to myself, what the hell is going on when so many hard working people are afraid to go to the hospital for lack of funds and afraid to loose their jobs after a health scare. Then I remembered that the same thing had happened to me a year before. So many of us are in the same boat. Healthcare is not affordable for us and we would rather do without than have bills we can't pay for. So for all those fools who think cutting our infrastructure is the right thing to do while so many US corporations and uber rich don't pay their fare share of taxes while the middle class dissolves into a pool of serfs, I say FUCK YOU! There are good hard working US Citizens that deserve healthcare and union jobs. It isn't Socialist. It is the right thing to do. All the trillions of our dollars that we Americans accept our government using in our name to fight endless and imaginary wars is a shame and a sham. Sunday Bloody Sunday. Why don't we cut at least 1/4th of Military Spending? And why don't we make sure U.S. Corporations are paying their taxes? Those are two simple suggestions that could help fund healthcare.

Boardwalk Empire Bad Girl Paz de la Huerta In Beverly Hills

Bumped into Paz de la Huerta recently in Beverly Hills. Paz is on Boardwalk Empire and is currently fighting charges of assault. Paz de la Huerta is definitely someone who you never know what she will do next. But one thing for sure, the lady loves her shoes.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse Dead At 27

I never photographed or saw Amy Winehouse perform live but I will share my thoughts on her passing. It starts with a true story about a photo agency that is big and that bragged about Amy Winehouse working for them back in the day. The son of the owner of the agency who is widely known for having a drug problem himself said that Amy worked as a receptionist before she was famous at the agency. And in those days the agency was very hippy like. Every one did drugs. It was accepted. He said people "smoked crack at their desks." The irony of this is/was that the same agency that hired Amy Winehouse before she was a household name, made drugs accessible to her as well as the rest of the staff. When Amy Winehouse became a huge international star, the same agency that once hired her and also made drugs an accepted practice, was now following her daily drug/booze escapades and selling her pictures to the highest bidder. That is the nature of the business. She went from answering phones for a fledgling entertainment agency that sold pictures to the tabloids to being the fodder that the same agency made money off of.
Rest in Peace Amy Winehouse. She had a remarkable voice and talent. Winehouse and the people that enabled her caused Amy to die at 27. Slightly coincedental that early this week there was a blind item on that an agency was supplying Brooke Mueller with cocaine. It is a different agency more than likely because one particular photographer bragged about doing set up shots with Mueller all the time and he worked for the same agency that most people guessed. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if the allegation is true. Will Lindsay Lohan die at 27? Right now she is on a similar Winehouse course.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rupert Murdoch Scandal Bigger Than Watergate

I was hoping to call this post "Rupert Murdoch The Collapse of An Empire" but I'm not so sure I can be so gleeful. Because the invisible and visible hands of power our strong and with the latest spins, Murdoch may escape prosecution. A little back story.
With the "Coalition of the Willing" England, the United States and Australia went to war against Iraq under George Bush under the pretext of finding weapons of mass destruction and disarming Saddam Hussein.
Major Player of Global Politics Rupert Murdoch used his substantial media empire at the time to sell Bush's story for the Iraqi War.
He who controls the media controls the minds of the world.
In his recent testimony, Rupert Murdoch admitted going in through the back door at 10Downey Street - The English Prime Minister's residency to avoid the press. Endorsement of political candidates by Murdoch were done on the front page of The Sun and when the candidates won that Murdoch endorsed, Rupert Murdoch proudly boasted about the power of his papers.
Murdoch owns New York Post, Wall Street Journal, Fox News in America
Murdoch needs to be investigated on American Shores for wire tapping, bribery, and political favors. It has been alleged that 911 Families phones were hacked as well as celebrities and their publicists in America. This would be be a crime in on at least two continents and it follows that the Murdoch Empire would use the same tactics on every country they operated on. Therefore it would be a global crime. And hence bigger than Watergate in scope.
Fox news is playing the victim while Rupert Murdoch plays possum by forgetting and claiming no knowledge of wrong doing by his staff during Parliamentary inquiry.
Regardless of Rupert Murdoch acting/posturing during questioning by Parliament and lack of knowledge of wrong doing by his employees, as CEO of his Empire he is RESPONSIBLE for the actions of his underlings.
Jonathan May-Bowles maybe a patsy used to garner sympathy for Murdoch. Bowles dumb attention grabbing farce of attempting to "attack" Rupert Murdoch with a pie tin of shaving cream, took the focus away from Murdoch's allege crimes while playing Rupert as the victim and his hot Asian wife Wendi Deng as a "tigress" defender of her husband.
It was a perfect sensationalized WAG THE DOG moment causing many news media outlets to run with the "attack" story instead of the political bribery, police corruption and phone hacking accusations.
Conveniently for Murdoch, whistle blower Sean Hoare was found dead as Rupert Murdoch testifies at inquiry.
British Prime Minister David Cameron may have to stepped down due to his close ties with Murdoch's high level executives.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

JLo's Gives Marc Anthony The Kiss of Death To Their Marriage

Overt and contrived public displays of affection are normally a tell tale sign that a relationship is on the rocks or non existent and an imaginary fairy tale for public consumption. Recently during Simon Fuller the American Idol's Producer and Creator's star ceremony, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez gave each other a kiss smack dab in front of all the press. A month later the marriage is headed for divorce. Who knows exactly what happened between the musical pair?
There was a blind item that ran on several blogs about a couple heading for divorce one star was brighter than the other while the other was working a new job to pay for their debt ridden relationship. Accusations of affairs also ran amuck inside the blind item. Could they have been whispering about JLO & Marc Anthony?
There was also another rumor or just a false story planted by Lopez's PR agency that Jennifer was not going to be on American Idol for Season 2. This story ran a few weeks ago after JLo was front and center at Simon Fuller's ceremony. What many people may not know is that Jennifer Lopez (and Marc Anthony (although his signing may change after the divorce) are represented by SIMON FULLER's XIX Entertainment. Again Simon Fuller is not only JLO's boss on American Idol, he has masterminded and resurrected her popularity so it was not logical that Ms. Lopez was going to bite the hand that feeds her by not returning to Idol. Furthermore, with the impending divorce, JLo will have more time to devote to her career in music and TV.

Simon Fuller is the man that can make magic happen. And there is nothing like a Hollywood Divorce to generate media headlines causing star meters to rise around the world.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Special One Jose Mourinho Signs for USA Fans Who Love Real Madrid

After a hot practice "the special one" signs autographs for fans while Real Madrid practices in Los Angeles...

Marcelo of REAL MADRID Gets a Gift from LA Fan

Super sweet Marcelo gets thrown a gift from a fan while Real Madrid is in Los Angeles...

Zinedine Zidane Still a Fan Favorite for REAL MADRID Fans

As the new director of Football for REAL MADRID retired striker and headbutt king, Zinedine Zidane is still a fan favorite...

Friday, July 15, 2011


Yes, I've been very busy the last few days. Not getting much sleep because REAL MADRID is in town! Yippee YiYAY! Covering Real Madrid is like good sex, one is happily challenged, satisfied, exhausted and then able to have a deep sleep. And then one wants to do it again. LOL! Here is a quick look at som videos of
Casilles, Ronaldo, Xabi, Ramo, Kaka, Adan, Carvahol and Coentrao.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Welcome Back REAL MADRID - The Kings of Soccer Return To Los Angeles

For fans who love football/soccer it is a great time to be following the sport. The FIFA's Women's World Cup is going on and the US team has one a spot in the semi-finals after beating Brazil. In more local news, the LA Galaxy are on a 12 game winning streak with four members selected to be on the MLS All Star squad Franklin, Donovan, Gonzales and Beckham. David and Victoria Beckham are celebrating the birth of their 4th child Harper Seven Beckham and later on this week, The Galaxy will play a "friendly" game with REAL MADRID on Saturday night. Here is a look back of Real Madrid in Los Angeles last year...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Foster The People at the El Rey

Who doesn't love historic marquee theatres? I shot this quick video outside the Foster The People concert at the El Rey. Story developing...

DWTS Winner Hines Ward Detained for DUI

Pittsburgh Steelers MVP and Dancing With The Stars Winner Hines Ward was arrested for a DUI in Georgia according to TMZ. Hines was arrested, mug shotted and posted bond and was released. This isn't the first time Ward has been detained by the police hopefully it will be his last.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Duke & Duchess Get The Royal Treatment As Hollywood Gets Invaded by British Aristocrats

Los Angeles is about to be on lock down in certain areas due to the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge making their debut in Tinseltown. As I type A-Listers are scurrying to get the hottest ticket in town which is wherever the Royals will be. $60,000+ for a Polo Match or maybe an invite to a dinner with Catherine and William is the GOLDEN TICKET this weekend. Rumors are a photo of the pair is worth serious money and it won't be easy with Police and Special Security covering the Royal Newlyweds.

Jennifer Aniston Gets Cemented In Hollywood History

Cheered on and introduced by gal pal Chelsea Handler as well as co-star Jason Bateman of HORRIBLE BOSSES, Jennifer Aniston gets inducted at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre as one of the most powerful and successful actors/actresses in Hollywood. Here is a quick glimpse...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

50 Cent Happy 36th Birthday

Smart businessman 50 Cent celebrates his 36th year practicing his 50th Laws that is an inside joke to Robert Greene. 50 Cent maybe the next ARNOLD without the marriage but with all the money and with a lot of kids...

Happy Birthday Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone aka Rambo/Rocky is 65 today! So Happy Birthday and Thanks For All the Fun Picks and Videos. I do appreciate it. I will be adding some more Stallone videos soon. Here are some recent pictures of Sylvester right after he got his haircut by Giuseppe Franco.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Whitney Port Doing Alot of Endorsing

Former The Hills & The City reality star, Whitney Port has been very busy lately in between working on her own clothing line, endorsing a slew of products and as well as being a model for John Frieda Hair care line.
Recently Port was in Ireland and London mixing up appearances with fun and a few weeks ago she was in Hollywood modeling for John Frieda...