Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rupert Murdoch Scandal Bigger Than Watergate

I was hoping to call this post "Rupert Murdoch The Collapse of An Empire" but I'm not so sure I can be so gleeful. Because the invisible and visible hands of power our strong and with the latest spins, Murdoch may escape prosecution. A little back story.
With the "Coalition of the Willing" England, the United States and Australia went to war against Iraq under George Bush under the pretext of finding weapons of mass destruction and disarming Saddam Hussein.
Major Player of Global Politics Rupert Murdoch used his substantial media empire at the time to sell Bush's story for the Iraqi War.
He who controls the media controls the minds of the world.
In his recent testimony, Rupert Murdoch admitted going in through the back door at 10Downey Street - The English Prime Minister's residency to avoid the press. Endorsement of political candidates by Murdoch were done on the front page of The Sun and when the candidates won that Murdoch endorsed, Rupert Murdoch proudly boasted about the power of his papers.
Murdoch owns New York Post, Wall Street Journal, Fox News in America
Murdoch needs to be investigated on American Shores for wire tapping, bribery, and political favors. It has been alleged that 911 Families phones were hacked as well as celebrities and their publicists in America. This would be be a crime in on at least two continents and it follows that the Murdoch Empire would use the same tactics on every country they operated on. Therefore it would be a global crime. And hence bigger than Watergate in scope.
Fox news is playing the victim while Rupert Murdoch plays possum by forgetting and claiming no knowledge of wrong doing by his staff during Parliamentary inquiry.
Regardless of Rupert Murdoch acting/posturing during questioning by Parliament and lack of knowledge of wrong doing by his employees, as CEO of his Empire he is RESPONSIBLE for the actions of his underlings.
Jonathan May-Bowles maybe a patsy used to garner sympathy for Murdoch. Bowles dumb attention grabbing farce of attempting to "attack" Rupert Murdoch with a pie tin of shaving cream, took the focus away from Murdoch's allege crimes while playing Rupert as the victim and his hot Asian wife Wendi Deng as a "tigress" defender of her husband.
It was a perfect sensationalized WAG THE DOG moment causing many news media outlets to run with the "attack" story instead of the political bribery, police corruption and phone hacking accusations.
Conveniently for Murdoch, whistle blower Sean Hoare was found dead as Rupert Murdoch testifies at inquiry.
British Prime Minister David Cameron may have to stepped down due to his close ties with Murdoch's high level executives.

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