Tuesday, July 19, 2011

JLo's Gives Marc Anthony The Kiss of Death To Their Marriage

Overt and contrived public displays of affection are normally a tell tale sign that a relationship is on the rocks or non existent and an imaginary fairy tale for public consumption. Recently during Simon Fuller the American Idol's Producer and Creator's star ceremony, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez gave each other a kiss smack dab in front of all the press. A month later the marriage is headed for divorce. Who knows exactly what happened between the musical pair?
There was a blind item that ran on several blogs about a couple heading for divorce one star was brighter than the other while the other was working a new job to pay for their debt ridden relationship. Accusations of affairs also ran amuck inside the blind item. Could they have been whispering about JLO & Marc Anthony?
There was also another rumor or just a false story planted by Lopez's PR agency that Jennifer was not going to be on American Idol for Season 2. This story ran a few weeks ago after JLo was front and center at Simon Fuller's ceremony. What many people may not know is that Jennifer Lopez (and Marc Anthony (although his signing may change after the divorce) are represented by SIMON FULLER's XIX Entertainment. Again Simon Fuller is not only JLO's boss on American Idol, he has masterminded and resurrected her popularity so it was not logical that Ms. Lopez was going to bite the hand that feeds her by not returning to Idol. Furthermore, with the impending divorce, JLo will have more time to devote to her career in music and TV.

Simon Fuller is the man that can make magic happen. And there is nothing like a Hollywood Divorce to generate media headlines causing star meters to rise around the world.

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