Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse Dead At 27

I never photographed or saw Amy Winehouse perform live but I will share my thoughts on her passing. It starts with a true story about a photo agency that is big and that bragged about Amy Winehouse working for them back in the day. The son of the owner of the agency who is widely known for having a drug problem himself said that Amy worked as a receptionist before she was famous at the agency. And in those days the agency was very hippy like. Every one did drugs. It was accepted. He said people "smoked crack at their desks." The irony of this is/was that the same agency that hired Amy Winehouse before she was a household name, made drugs accessible to her as well as the rest of the staff. When Amy Winehouse became a huge international star, the same agency that once hired her and also made drugs an accepted practice, was now following her daily drug/booze escapades and selling her pictures to the highest bidder. That is the nature of the business. She went from answering phones for a fledgling entertainment agency that sold pictures to the tabloids to being the fodder that the same agency made money off of.
Rest in Peace Amy Winehouse. She had a remarkable voice and talent. Winehouse and the people that enabled her caused Amy to die at 27. Slightly coincedental that early this week there was a blind item on that an agency was supplying Brooke Mueller with cocaine. It is a different agency more than likely because one particular photographer bragged about doing set up shots with Mueller all the time and he worked for the same agency that most people guessed. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if the allegation is true. Will Lindsay Lohan die at 27? Right now she is on a similar Winehouse course.

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