Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gene Simmons Big Hit In Beverly Hills

The man with more than a plan, Gene Simmons rocked out Beverly Hills yesterday. The above videos just give a little taste of the fun.

Ronen Cohen A Prime Example Of Whats Wrong With Paparazzi

Let's be clear. I feel there is a difference between PHOTOGRAPHERS and Paparazzi. Photographers don't scare celebs, are polite, take their job professionally, take great pictures/videos and are fun to be photographed by. Photographers build the Brand of the Star. It makes sense to treat people well.
I as well as other people have had to deal with the immature antics of Ronen Cohen. He recently was cited by the Police for harassing Hilary Duff and her family. Ronen has made many celebs uncomfortable while he is aggressively taking their pictures. There are ton of videos and stills demonstrating that fact. In the past, I have attempted to talk to him and share in a non combative way that he is free to do what he wants but not to impede me in working. In the past he has blocked me as well as other photographers, trespassed inside businesses to shoot celebs, continued to shoot celebs when they have asked not to be as well as other shenanigans.
Last week he took things to another level so I documented his harassment, physical attack and his spitting in my camera. This was all witnessed by fans that were waiting for Real Madrid at the Montage. Real martial arts is avoiding violence. A weak minded person uses violence and terrorism to get their point across. What I think is so amusing, is that Ronen behaves like each shot will be his last. That he will cease to exist if he doesn't get one more shot of a celeb. Where does that greed, lack of self control and insecurity come from? Why is he so desperate to take a picture of people who don't care if he lives or dies? I don't get it but I'm tired of ignoring his insane behavior.

Dear Chelsea White of Daily Mail UK: Please Don't Make Up Stories About Mickey Rourke & KAT

Normally, I wouldn't even address fake stories and innuendos however due to Mickey Rourke's assistant telling me about my photos being in the Daily Mail UK with Mickey and then me reading over the "story". I'm writing a response. I'm not perfect yet I do my best to get the story right and not hurt others in the process. The Daily Mail UK article by Chelsea White makes it look like something more is going on than what is actually happening. Notice there are 3 people talking in my video not 2 as the pictures ran by the Daily Mail UK suggest. The photos were shot from across the street. I shot photos as well that were submitted to the Daily Mail UK that Ms. White didn't run.
Anyway, not that anyone cares but I have to deal with a lot of shit from being one of the only few female celebrity photographers. I've been harassed, bullied and attacked. When you try to do your art with talent and care and actually get paid for the skill, it can be an arduous task. So little respect is given to people who work for a living and don't use people or sell their bodies to get ahead. So I don't appreciate any implication of something nefarious going on with Mickey Rourke and myself. Rourke has given me some amazing photographs and videos in the past and I hope it will continue in the future. He is in a relationship. Mickey Rourke doesn't need manufactured plot lines and unwanted publicity.

By the way Sin City 2 is coming out this month so go check out his movie. As for Chelsea, I'm sure you wouldn't like someone taking photographs of you talking with your boss or a celeb and implying that you were doing something you weren't. We were actually talking about a paparazzo named Ronen Cohen who shoved me and spit in my camera while I was covering Real Madrid. So that is the TRUE story. I should thank you Chelsea White, I haven't been up to date on my blog due to other business ventures but your "story" made me respond in kind. Feel free to Google Mickey Rourke KAT TALES TV and you will see several videos of our business relationship.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pagani Huayra Supercar Seen In Beverly Hills

If you like expensive cars the Pagani Huayra Supercar, may be the one for you. With a sticker price at $1,300,000, it is a car lover's dream.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Justin Bieber And His Selena Gomez Look A Like GF Share Good Times

Life is good for Justin Bieber regardless of the Miami video where he is wining about how tough his life is. Yesterday, the three pro photographers that were there gave Justin and his entourage plenty of breathing room so much so we were being blocked by tourists and fans. No big deal but slightly irritating however everyone got great pictures/videos and Justin was cool with the fans. His body guards were respectful to us as we were respectful to them. Win/Win!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

George St-Pierre 070714

GSP was in the house yesterday after a trip to Vegas for a huge UFC fight event. There is some serious Gossip going on regarding the UFC. I have to do some more research. But if it is true a big story or two will break.

Renaissance Man: Dolph Lundgren - Grace Jones Has Great Taste!

Everyone knows I LOVE GRACE JONES. Case in point of her marvelousness is that she help make Dolph Lundgren a star. The story is they met backstage at one of her concerts and the rest is history or herstory depending how you like it. Anyway, Dolph besides being Gorgeous, he is a martial artist, a musician, has a master degree in chemical engineering, he speaks 7 or so languages, I think he is a painter, an actor, action star and a father. I'm sure I left out some other great qualities. Brains & brawn are SEXY.

'Botched' Star Dr. Paul Nassif Plays Coy On ExWife Adrienne Maloof Rejoining RHOBH

I bumped into Dr. Paul Nassif yesterday and I asked him what he thought about his ex Adrienne Maloff rejoining RHOBH. He played coy like he didn't know. LOL! Dr. Paul is on another reality TV show on E! called 'Botched'. It is an entertaining program where victims of bad plastic jobs come to two surgeons for help in corrective measures and surgeries. What makes it also fascinating, is that sometimes the disasters can't be fixed and the doctors have to tell the patients. Check out the show.
Anyway, Dr. Paul Nassif was having lunch with Mohamed Hadid.

RHOBH's New Season Is On An Popping - Kyle Richards & Lisa Vanderpump Prepare To Do Battle

Something tells me that this season of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills will have some major fireworks. The new season has already begun filming. Recently, I saw Lisa Vanderpump after a long absence. Our paths hadn't crossed in a while. Did she get some work done? She looks great and I saw her over seeing a party for her daughter Pandora. A while back I saw Kyle Richards enjoying a big lunch party that included her husband Mauricio. So what is in store for these two reigning Queens of Reality? Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump will be up to their old tricks and some new ones (I'm sure) vying for power as Adrienne Maloof and Camile Grammer are set to return in small doses.

Star Jones, Vanessa Bell Calloway & Vivica A. Fox: 3 Divas Lunch

Well this was a nice surprise except for the TMZ guy, Vanessa Bell Calloway and Vivica A. Fox joined Star Jones (formerly of The View) for lunch in Beverly Hills. What we didn't know at the time was that ABC was going to announce the firing of Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd. I think the clever Ms. Jones may have known there was going to be blood in the water because she is rarely seen in public unless something MAJOR is going to happen or she has a project to promote. That is the way it is done. So anyway, every thing was cool until Dante from TMZ started asking questions that the trio didn't want to answer which became a little uncomfortable as you will see in the video.

Downtown LA: A Great Place To Visit

Recently, I took a trip to downtown Los Angeles to buy a bathing suit. I haven't bought a new one in ages so I took the opportunity to make two quick videos about Downtown Los Angles. The Fashion Alley which is part of the Fashion District and the L.A. Pinata District.
Surprising there are many Angelenos who haven't ventured to this fun part of the La La land.
I love the fashion district especially when I'm making clothes and looking for fabrics. As for the Pinata district, I have always driven by there but never stopped. I took the time walking by foot to check out a very cool place which is perfect for shopping for birthday party ideas.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Filmmaker Paul Mazursky Transitions To A Star "Yippee"

Paul Mazursky passed away on Monday. Paul Mazursky was a very talented film maker. Innovative, experimental, brutally honest at times as well as funny. In a modern world that seems to have ADD, an addiction to reality stars, repeating the same old movie formulas and a love for all things shallow with little depth, Mazursky’s film legacy will be a reminder to the to what is possible with those who truly love story telling, honest emotions, fine acting and the art of movie making. For cinemaphile who has not seen Bob & Carol & Ted &Alice (1969), An Unmarried Women (1978), Down And Out In Beverly Hills (1986),  these films definitely need to be viewed and re-viewed. Mazursky has a body of work that has some of the best actors in Hollywood.
I met Paul Mazursky at a painful part of his life. At the beginning I had no idea how much pain he was in. I was just a fan of his work and was honored to have access to him as well as his friends. Sometimes my love for photographing the people I admire can be misread and/or misunderstood for that I apologize. I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet him, talk to him and photograph him. So for all that loved Paul Mazursky, his films and his legacy, I say "Yippee!" May he find his Joy!