Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Filmmaker Paul Mazursky Transitions To A Star "Yippee"

Paul Mazursky passed away on Monday. Paul Mazursky was a very talented film maker. Innovative, experimental, brutally honest at times as well as funny. In a modern world that seems to have ADD, an addiction to reality stars, repeating the same old movie formulas and a love for all things shallow with little depth, Mazursky’s film legacy will be a reminder to the to what is possible with those who truly love story telling, honest emotions, fine acting and the art of movie making. For cinemaphile who has not seen Bob & Carol & Ted &Alice (1969), An Unmarried Women (1978), Down And Out In Beverly Hills (1986),  these films definitely need to be viewed and re-viewed. Mazursky has a body of work that has some of the best actors in Hollywood.
I met Paul Mazursky at a painful part of his life. At the beginning I had no idea how much pain he was in. I was just a fan of his work and was honored to have access to him as well as his friends. Sometimes my love for photographing the people I admire can be misread and/or misunderstood for that I apologize. I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet him, talk to him and photograph him. So for all that loved Paul Mazursky, his films and his legacy, I say "Yippee!" May he find his Joy!

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