Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dear Chelsea White of Daily Mail UK: Please Don't Make Up Stories About Mickey Rourke & KAT

Normally, I wouldn't even address fake stories and innuendos however due to Mickey Rourke's assistant telling me about my photos being in the Daily Mail UK with Mickey and then me reading over the "story". I'm writing a response. I'm not perfect yet I do my best to get the story right and not hurt others in the process. The Daily Mail UK article by Chelsea White makes it look like something more is going on than what is actually happening. Notice there are 3 people talking in my video not 2 as the pictures ran by the Daily Mail UK suggest. The photos were shot from across the street. I shot photos as well that were submitted to the Daily Mail UK that Ms. White didn't run.
Anyway, not that anyone cares but I have to deal with a lot of shit from being one of the only few female celebrity photographers. I've been harassed, bullied and attacked. When you try to do your art with talent and care and actually get paid for the skill, it can be an arduous task. So little respect is given to people who work for a living and don't use people or sell their bodies to get ahead. So I don't appreciate any implication of something nefarious going on with Mickey Rourke and myself. Rourke has given me some amazing photographs and videos in the past and I hope it will continue in the future. He is in a relationship. Mickey Rourke doesn't need manufactured plot lines and unwanted publicity.

By the way Sin City 2 is coming out this month so go check out his movie. As for Chelsea, I'm sure you wouldn't like someone taking photographs of you talking with your boss or a celeb and implying that you were doing something you weren't. We were actually talking about a paparazzo named Ronen Cohen who shoved me and spit in my camera while I was covering Real Madrid. So that is the TRUE story. I should thank you Chelsea White, I haven't been up to date on my blog due to other business ventures but your "story" made me respond in kind. Feel free to Google Mickey Rourke KAT TALES TV and you will see several videos of our business relationship.

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