Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ronen Cohen A Prime Example Of Whats Wrong With Paparazzi

Let's be clear. I feel there is a difference between PHOTOGRAPHERS and Paparazzi. Photographers don't scare celebs, are polite, take their job professionally, take great pictures/videos and are fun to be photographed by. Photographers build the Brand of the Star. It makes sense to treat people well.
I as well as other people have had to deal with the immature antics of Ronen Cohen. He recently was cited by the Police for harassing Hilary Duff and her family. Ronen has made many celebs uncomfortable while he is aggressively taking their pictures. There are ton of videos and stills demonstrating that fact. In the past, I have attempted to talk to him and share in a non combative way that he is free to do what he wants but not to impede me in working. In the past he has blocked me as well as other photographers, trespassed inside businesses to shoot celebs, continued to shoot celebs when they have asked not to be as well as other shenanigans.
Last week he took things to another level so I documented his harassment, physical attack and his spitting in my camera. This was all witnessed by fans that were waiting for Real Madrid at the Montage. Real martial arts is avoiding violence. A weak minded person uses violence and terrorism to get their point across. What I think is so amusing, is that Ronen behaves like each shot will be his last. That he will cease to exist if he doesn't get one more shot of a celeb. Where does that greed, lack of self control and insecurity come from? Why is he so desperate to take a picture of people who don't care if he lives or dies? I don't get it but I'm tired of ignoring his insane behavior.

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