Friday, December 5, 2008

Hawaii Goes Electric

As a solution to importing fuel, reducing emissions and loosing jobs, Hawaii has jumped on board to increase Electric Cars on the island. By 2012, Hawaii will increase Electric cars by 70%. The island will have electric cars increased in their rental fleets as well as electric car infrastructures provided by a Better Place (a company that exchanges depleted lithium ion batteries with fully charged ones). Hawaii beleives this will reduce dependency on foreign oil, help clean the envirnoment and increase jobs by recirculating money on the Island.
According to Ralph Nader (ex-Presidential candidate and consumer advocate), 2/3rds of American Autoworkers jobs over the last 15 years have been lost. While the auto giants are going to Washington to asked for more BAILOUT money, now is the time to push for higher mpg, lower emissions standards and auto jobs staying in America.
GM, one of the auto companies going back to beg, should be highly reprimanded for destroying their EV1 (an electric car) that was test marketed several years ago.
If you would like to learn more about Electric Cars, check out Plug In (take out the spaces) and a Better
Later models of hybrids from 2004 on can be turned into electric cars.

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