Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ralph Sucks

I hate most large chain grocery stores especially ones that coerce you into getting a "CLUB CARD". The club is used to track your shopping, find out what you buy and then to advertise directly to your shopping needs and or addictions.
So after working out, and feeling really good, I stop off at a local Ralphs to get breakfast. I look in my car for a reusable bag and I have none then I check my pocket for the "Club Card". I was thinking about going to the 99 Cents Store but their fruit is mostly rotten and their toilet paper not soft. Plus one ends up buying crap one doesn't need because everything is so cheap. Getting back to Ralphs, I finish buying some fruit and some water. I notice that there is a new brand called PRIMO. It was on sale and the bottles were made out of plants and were renewable, I decided to try it out. I feel badly about buying water. I think it is a crying shame that we have been convinced and or tricked to put up with the propaganda that tap water is undrinkable and that we should buy something that should be an indelible right. We have also allowed our streams and other water sources to be contaminated. So we end up buying plastic water filled bottles that are shipped from thousands of miles away (in some cases) that will clog up our land fills and use enormous amounts of gas in the transportation of something that should be free and easily assessable. So after moving to the front of the store ignoring all the impulse racks full of sugared filled candy, hyped caffeinated energy drinks, and transfatty potato chips, I make my way to purchase. I notice there are kiosks for self check out. I take one. It of course takes longer to self check out than to go to a clerk. And this particular Ralph's never seems to have enough staff there at peak hours. There is only one lane open with a real live clerk. So I end up being a clerk and a bagger. And I realize it took me much longer to do the work that I'm paying for with my MONEY! The convenience of having someone who works for the store checking customers and bagging the groceries is over. Now I have to do it. I ask the lady who has a scanner, "How many people lost their jobs when Ralphs converted to the self check out machines?" She said that she didn't know. I told her that I supported the Striike that happen (a year or two ago) but what was it all for? I'm sure many lost their jobs anyway.

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