Friday, January 9, 2009

Gorgeous Tia Carrere Up for a Grammy!

Ever beautiful and super sweet, TIA CARRERE is up for a Grammy. Fans of WAYNE'S WORLD and the RELIC HUNTER, will be pleased to know that Tia is nominated for a Grammy.
Without any makeup, Tia still looks gorgeous and is 51st Grammy nominee for 'ikena - in the Original Hawaiian Music Category.
Tia is one of the nicest people in Hollywood. I wish her the best of luck!!!!She has a beautifully rich voice. Daniel Ho (in the following photo) who has won 3 Grammy's already, produced the album. Their album is available on iTunes. Daniel and Tia have a gig next Thursday at the DERBY in Los Feliz.

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  1. All of us here at Edward Lozzi & Associates love Tia. Especially the boss. Best of luck with the Emmy nomination.