Sunday, January 25, 2009

Prince Frederick Blindly Looses Zsa Zsa's $$$$$$$

Prince Frederick de Zsa Zsa wasn't so charming yesterday after being asked about the multi-million dollar investment lost that he and his wife suffered. Reports vary from estimated $4.5 - $10 million loss as a result from being duked by an investment Banker's pyramid scheme.
His Royal Highness was pissed and he took the opportunity to blame Obama, (how his name came up I don't know) but it is a historic German trait to look for an ethnic scapegoat for a problem that was caused by one's own doing.
Anyway, Anhalt said he still will drive his Rolls Royce and that he still has money. Although, exactly whose $$$ we have yet to know considering Prince Frederick Von Anhalt (a former masseuse) has lived off rich women's money for decades.


  1. Frederic is something else. Always a story.
    Zsa Zsa's daughter Francesca need to check about this. It is disturbing.

  2. Just saw the video of Frederic when he was leaving when these guys asked him a question about Viagra. They are make fun of him. He was really mad. Since he lost the lawsuit long time ago, Viagra company should sue him. He must be mental sick. He need to be put away. It is disturbing. Very concerned about Zsa Zsa. Hope Zsa Zsa is okay. Her daughter Francesca need to check about this. I am sure she already knew about it and she keeping herself quite.

  3. Excuse me! I was wrong about he lost the lawsuit with Viagra company. Sorry. Frederic DROP the lawsuit with Viagra company.