Monday, January 26, 2009

Dave Chappelle & Lady Ga Ga

Thank Goddess one of my homies, lent me his Dave Chappelle's Show Season 1 & 2. Considering Chappelle started his show in 2002 , I'm a little late. I heard about it and saw a few clips. Damn Chappelle is FUNNY. He is a Gifted Genius. And did he take RISKS!!!! Also funny, one of the first shows from Dave Chappelle, was about a shitty Copier place. I happened to go to one today Staples. There were 8 people in line with no one at the register. Meanwhile down the way where they sell ink, there were 2 people behind the counter. I needed copies made and there were 5 people waiting in line with one copier machine. I was getting pissed. Anyway, Chappelle got it 7 years ago. Kudos to him.
And speaking of getting good stuff late, I went to Amoeba Records the other day. I love Amoeba by the way, I needed to get me some dance music since I promised to do a dance and put it up on Youtube. I was looking for Lady GaGa. I like her song "JUST DANCE". I couldn't find a remix version so I bought her album. GaGa gots some tasty Trax. Kudos to her.
Stay tuned for the video, I'm a tad busy so look for it around Valentine's Day.

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