Friday, February 25, 2011

Judge Comes Down Hard on Garry Sun For Violating Tila Tequila/Nyguen Restraining Order

Garry Sun was shocked to find out that he was facing jail time for violating a restraining order put in place by former associate Tila Tequila/Nyguen. The judge was stern with Garry Sun after both attorney’s agreed to neutralize the situation by adjudicating the sentence for 180 days. During which, Garry Sun must enroll and complete an Anger Management program that lasts for 6 months. Sun was forced to accept and attend the judge’s order. Under the advice of his attorney, Garry Sun will be attending Alternative For Violence (anger management program).
The judge also said that if Garry Sun was found guilty of violating Tila Tequila/Nyguen restraining order, he would face jail, fines and sanctions for costs and fees. The Judge also amended paragraph 7 of the November 12, 2010 restraining order. Garry Sun most remain 100 yards away from Tila Tequila/Nyguen. The judge took exceptions to the times when Garry and Tequila would be in court and when they were at the same events. Sun's attorney offered that Garry would remove himself if he was at an event that Nyguen was in attendance. Both parties were warned by the judge that they must not have direct or indirect contact via 3rd parties, no ficticious emails or facebooks.
On Tila Nyguen’s side she had an expert witness who was an Officer of the Law who will be testifying in 6 months when he is recalled for trial.
The Judge warned Sun that jail is not a nice place and that even one day would not be pleasant. He also said that in six months, he would take everything into consideration. If Garry Sun completes his mandatory anger management courses as well as if there is no contact between the two parties. However, he also gave a stern warning that Garry Sun could be facing jail time regardless.

Personal notes, it was very hard to hear in the court room Sun’s lawyer spoke very softly. And the stenographer had to ask several times during the proceedings for the parties to speak up.
I took the best hand notes that I could. The name of the judge wasn’t on the outside of the court room or where I could see on the desk.

We weren’t allowed to film or tape inside the court room. My job was to cover the story just like any other Lindsay Lohan court drama. Garry did say at one point, that they wanted to take him away to jail that day. There was several meetings between the lawyers and the judge that transpired in chambers. Garry Sun said his attorney just got the case that morning.
Due to a TV pilot, Garry Sun was interviewed before the proceeding. I was interviewed after about what I thought about the proceedings. I left after that to go to my car and then photographed Tila Tequila/Nyguen who was across the street from my car. I never spoke to her before, during or after the proceedings. I was in a tight spot because at one point when Tila came back into court she had blood on her white skirt. I could not due to the assumption that I would be having contact with her for nefarious purposes tell her. I had to allow her to find out and eventually someone offered her a black jacket to wrap around her waist. As I was across the street Tila Tequila/Nyguen and her lawyers spoke and Nyguen smoked a cigarette. One of her attorney’s left and she walked across the street in my direction passing me to go to her car. I had no idea that she would be crossing my path. I kept a respectful distance and shot photographs on public property. To be clear I was covering a story nothing more, nothing less which I have been doing from the get go when it came to the first allegations between the pair.


  1. Saw on his twitter that he was being baited. Everyone knew who was doing it. That person was using another twitter name so noting could be pointed back at this person but we all knew who it was.

    A lot of people on twitter was telling Gary to chill. This person wanted him to break the restraining order and be sent to jail and he was falling for it. It's funny because the person with that twitter name stop tweeting shortly before this court date.

    I'm glad he was not sent to jail but he needs to learn restraint. He did this to himself.

  2. Thank you for reporting this. In my correspondence with Garry I have not found him to be an angry person, but actually a person who has a fierce sense of justice. He did get played big time, got angry because he was protecting people from fictitious crimes, and he was warned by so many people that he was being set up.