Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tyrone Burton: When A Good Man Gets Lynched By Assumptions

This is what happens to a person when people make rash judgments, accusations, and assumptions while ignoring the facts. These are the facts, Tyrone Burton was marketing his own Gospel Comedy DVD called PROMISE. It bares his likeness and his name on the cover in Large Letters. I actually did a blog post about him several days ago announcing that he had a new DVD. On Wednesday afternoon the LAPD rolled up on Burton and forced him to obey their rules and shut his mouth. Tyrone Burton, like most innocent people was a little confused about the show of force. He wondered what he did wrong. Tyrone was handcuffed and put against the squad car. Here is that video...

After the LAPD officer ran his ID, he realized a few things. One it was Tyrone Burton and two he had no warrants. Most people who assume people are guilty don't let them explain and act like the Police did. Just like so many people who saw the picture on TMZ and made comments such as "he looks guilty and up to no good." So many people just grabbed the photo (which actually is against the law and goes infringes copyright protection laws as well as is stealing from me hence that is my work) and sliced up a story on their blog accusing Burton of being guilty like a brainless drone. What they didn't know is TMZ had the full description of Burton being handcuffed and that he had his own DVD but instead of telling the whole story, they wrote the most sensational part drumming up fears of another Black Man former actor committing a crime. Brainwashing is so much fun isn't it? Anyone who did a reasonable search on Google or took the time to contact Tyrone Burton personally for his side of the story could have easily validated his innocence. But that would take moving a hand to type or to call. Too much work for the masses with ADD and a racist hue. So directly after Tyrone Burton was released from being treated like almost a King, I asked him what happened and an eye witness gave his opinion. Here is the video.

In a fair and balanced society, in a humane one without stereotypes, public humiliation and threats for being taken to the station for trying to explain when falsely accused, a officer with deductive reasoning capacity could have handle the situation in a less totalitarian manner. The officer could have asked, "Can I see the DVD?" without having the initial reaction to put cuffs on Mr. Burton. Simple. A just person who believes a person is assumed innocent until proven guilty instead of the opposite, would have easily surmised that Tyrone Burton was promoting his own DVD. It was easier to do it in the manner the LAPD did, by the use of force, intimidation and a public lynching. It strikes fear in the attended target audience and the tourists that have been conditioned by TV and film can feel sedated by the fake proof that another Black Man is in handcuffs in real time, in real life. Most people assume the worse in people. I try to not. But I swear this situation as well as others I have personally witnessed makes me start to see the LAPD as they like to generalize/minimize Black People. I have respect for the law but time and time again the law doesn't seem to have the same respect for others like myself. And so many people are so easily trained to walk in lock step with agenda of the racist fear based slanted media that something had to be done. Tyrone Burton will rise above this and sell a ton of DVDs. The founding fathers were all entrepreneurs (and enslavement owners). Tyrone Burton is an Entrepreneur not Enslaved.

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