Thursday, February 24, 2011

Has Lindsay Lohan Had More Court Dates Than Lovers?

Lindsay Lohan was at court again on Wednesday which makes me wonder how many times has she been to court? I can't seem to get a definite number. I will have to do some more checking and find out. That is crazy! Lindsay Lohan has been involved with more court preceedings than most people have had LOVERS! There is definitely some special treatment going on for this 24 year old Caucasian Addict. Although Lindsay is facing jail, she still has time to get her lips plumped before arriving to court. We all know going to court for Lohan is like performing on the catwalk for a Victoria's Secret Super Model. Lindsay's fashion message today: slacks and and open blouse revealing lots of cleavage. We are waiting for the confirmation that the designer that put her court ensemble together sold out of the combo.

1 comment:

  1. I too am wondering how many court appearances Lindsey has made. I'm pretty sure I couldn't count them on all my fingers and toes. Please use your magnificent insider influence and find out and let us know!