Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Arrives To Court In White Dress

Lindsay Lohan at another court date is like saying the sky is blue. While thinking on what to call this post, I pondered calling it "Lindsay Lohan Increases Business For Local Courts". But I thought that was too long. Anyway, old news Lindsay Lohan arrived to court today to face charges for Felony Theft. Sometimes I wonder if LiLo is a robotic doll. She acts dumb/innocent while looking sexy. I'm sure Lindsay got paid to wear that form fitting white dress to court. While the fashion mags and blogs report on LiLo's court ensemble, its a good bet that the dress designer will sell out of it and soon will have back orders. While at the court house, I also tried to figure out how many court houses Lohan has done the stroll or the walk of shame. How many restaurants have benefited from increase patronage from reporters and photographers? How many city meters and parking lots got more money from the media covering the troubled actress ? How many additional sheriffs had to be on the clock to provide security? How many magazines, photos, videos and stories were paid for discussing LiLo. Lindsay Lohan is Big Business but for all the wrong reasons. Here is a look of Ms. Lohan doing the catwalk or should I say perp walk...


  1. baby girl smokin' in that white dress!

  2. I hope she enjoyed wearing a dress because I predict Lohan will be wearing a prison jumpsuit at some time in the future. She needs to understand that her bad behavior has negative consequences.