Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hélio Castroneves: Race Car Driver & DWTS All Star

While I'm in between chatting or photographing the DWTS cast, it comes to mind how talented these people participating are. I find it so annoying when other bloggers make comments like "Dancing With The Has Beens". Snide comments from people who haven't really done anything major or inspiring with their lives except writing cruel and envious comments about people they have never met and don't even know. It takes a lot of drive, determination, stamina and guts to practice for hours and hours and then performing live in front of an audience. Those who don't know what it is like to perform live probably don't have a clear understanding. I have mad respect for the pros and the celeb dancers. I wish I could do the show and see if I could handle the rigorous training. It would be challenging to say the least. Anyway. this gets back to the point. In the above interview,  Race car driver Hélio Castroneves had just got back from driving 500 miles in 90 degree heat and was ready to practice. One has to have nerves of steel. Race car driving is dangerous. That is pretty inspiring in my book!

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