Thursday, November 20, 2008

Britney Spears Secret Location for MTV

Here is Britney leaving Ren Mar Studios after taping....

Ms. Spears is at REN MAR Studios filming a "special" for MTV. I'm sure Britney isn't aware that many fans of hers waited in line (in vain) to get a chance to see her. One of my friends had tickets to the event. She arrived early waited in line and waited in line and then was refused entry. the ticket company that booked the event, selected people to attend. They requested photos of all ticket holders. She was confirmed a week ago. 48 hours ago she received another email saying MTV said she could bring other guests. Originally seating was at 200. When my friend got dissed, she was 197. 1iota didn't even validate the parking. Parking validation was only good for people actually seeing the show. RUDE!!!!! SUCKS! At least be generous enough to the people who took off from work, college or what ever else they had going and validate their parking. One guy came from NEW YORK! My friend said and this is a quote, "the bitch sucks anyway!"

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