Monday, October 25, 2010

The Parking Is Too Damn High Party

Jimmy McMillian running for Governor of New York has got me thinking. Maybe I should run for Los Angeles politics. One of the first things I would change is that
the Parking is TOO DAMN HIGH in Hollywood/Los Angeles. One has to have a Master's Degree in parking enforcement to comprehend some of the signs regarding parking. One sign can have several different rules regarding parking length for different days of the week and worse yet for even the same day.
The parking meters run $3.00 per hour. And the majority now accept credit cards. What we loose for the feeling of convenience is security. Does anyone else besides me feel a little queasy about putting their credit card in a meter on Hollywood Blvd.? Will we be hearing soon of an illegal card reader installed on parking meters and people having their private banking information compromised resulting in another form of identity theft. Who wants to put their consumer dollars in a city that one gets a $55 ticket if your meter expires while your waiting for a store clerk? I'm aware Los Angeles is broke (allegedly) but one way to put more money back in the city is to get people to shop there instead of penalizing them for parking. Hollywood seems to have a "Get In GET OUT policy". Also on Friday and Saturday night the meters run till a 11pm I believe. Plus one has the distinct possibility of getting their car towed if they are visiting the city and don't comprehend the signs or are unfamiliar with the meters.
The severity of punishment for an expired meter is TOO DAMN HIGH. The infraction is not equal to the cost of the ticket. It is unfair and because the politicians can't handle the budgets of the city, the residents of California and tourists shouldn't be penalized for their lack of accounting skills. Maybe if parking in Hollywood was encouraged more people would frequent the local businesses. Increasing business revenue would bring more jobs to Hollywood/Los Angeles. Over the last year or so, I've noticed how Hollywood Blvd is turning into a a cruel Time State. With the harassment of the LAPD with loitering threats, cameras every where, high parking meters and restricted parking etc., if you visit Hollywood unless you pay to park your car at a garage for $10 a day, you aren't welcome to be there. Is that the way we want to treat local consumers, shop owners and tourists? Do we want money in or out?

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