Saturday, January 21, 2012

David Beckham: The Great Fake Out- Signs 2 Year LA Galaxy Contract

In order to gain greater position with an opponent, it is wise to use the bluff, the fake out the ruse. I'm not saying that is exactly what David Beckham and his management team (XIX Entertainment) did when after the LA Galaxy won the MLS Championship right before Beckham's contract was to expire and Becks appeared to be in strong negotiations with Paris Saint Germain. It didn't make sense. Rumors were rampant that David wanted to end his famed career in Europe. His wife Victoria who has a very successful clothing line could be closer to the fashion scene and their four children would be enrolled in a French school. But everything is not always what it seems. The Beckhams have established themselves in the LA lifestyle. Sunny weather, surfing, skateboarding, famous friends, David working on a acting career and young sons who have gotten attached to their friends and school near their Beverly Hills home. Who would leave sunny Cali for dismal weather? So it makes total sense that David Beckham announced recently that he and the LA Galaxy signed a two year contract.

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