Sunday, January 22, 2012

Joe Paterno: A Time To Die

Amidst the growing or now shrinking (depending how one looks at it) Penn State allege Rape Scandal and cover up, the former head coach who was forced to resign, Joe Paterno died. One reporter announced his death at 9pm yesterday and then that story was retracted. Moments ago it was officially announced that the Patriarch of Penn State football had passed from lung cancer. Paterno was 85. It was also reported that the former coach was interviewed extensively shortly before his death by Washington Post reporter Sally Jenkins. In the interview he denied knowing about the accusation that his long time assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was seen raping a boy in the Penn State football shower. With Paterno's death, there are more questions than answers. Did Joe Paterno not know that Sandusky was a child rapist? Did Joe help in the cover up so not to mar Penn State's illustrious football legacy? Was there a huge pedophile ring using the poor youth of the city as a easy target for rape protected by the powerful elite? We may never know the answers but one thing is for certain. Joe Paterno picked a convenient time to die.

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