Wednesday, September 23, 2009

KANYE Hits Cleveland

Kanye West made a super surprise visit to the Cleveland Show Premiere Party....I was filming a clip from the pilot episode. For you film makers consider it a pan from the flat screen showing Cleveland to Amber & Kanye counter-crossing into the party. I must say it is a BRILLIANT Clip. Wait to see it. Hopefully it gets SOLD all over the place. It is an EXCLUSIVE Video. On my twitter: KAT TALES TV this morning I wrote about Publicity and I mention Kanye West as well as DWTS. Read it if you please it gives another view of the Taylor Swift controversy.
Was it staged? Regardless the outcome was still the same. Everyone was talking about KANYE & Taylor. Alot of people didn't know who she was and now she is all over the map. Beyonce looked like a good Samaritan (who is connected to JAY Z who KANYE is on his new album) West and Swift who wasn't a household name is now definitely known in a wider audience. Both albums sales JUMPED after the incident. I asked Kanye while he was holding court outside of Capitol City, if it all was just a Publicity Stunt with Taylor. He just laughed. The end result is the same everyone connected got a ton of publicity and the "drama" was on entertainment shows and magazines all over the world not to mention all over the Internet. Although Kanye may have temporarily looked like a jack ass, long term he may end up smelling like a rose and rolling in some more GREEN. "Frosted Lucky Charms They are Magically Delicious"

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