Thursday, September 3, 2009

Aaron & Nick Carter Go See Inglorious Basterds

I never know how to spell Bastards is it with an "a" or with an "e" Basterds? Anyway, DWTS' Mr. Confident Aaron Carter was taking a break with his brother Nick Carter at the Grove. The duo went to see Inglorious Basterds which is a very long movie. So long in fact that the Grove security started chasing paps out. Some got overly excited over Heidi Klum. Security decided to put the smack down and said they were calling the cops. I was just standing waiting not causing any trouble but I had to ask why I couldn't be there when I have been at the Grove numerous times. And the security guy said only TMZ could be there. Oh Hell to the No! If TMZ is the only "one" with permission to be at the Grove than our society is doomed. Photographers as long as they behave themselves are there to document celebs buying, shopping, going to and from the movies and eating at swanky restaurants. It makes the business establishments more popular. And with this economy that is a good thing. I was about to call the ACLU when finally Aaron & Nick Carter came out of IB.

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