Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bye Bye Ashley Hamilton & Macy Gray

I wrote on my twitter page that Ashley Hamilton and Macy Gray were going to be the first to go on DWTS. I was right. I knew the Right Wing and the Left would work together to keep Tom Delay on. One side because they love their guy and the other because they love watching a "conservative" shake his ass. I saw Macy Gray briefly last night moving so fast one would have to slow down the video to see her. Didn't get any still photos (yesterday was an off day for photos for me). As for Ashley Hamilton,

Ashley is a nice guy (now) who could have worked the PR circuit better. As soon as you know you are doing the show and even before if you have an inkling that you might do it, start taking dance classes. HELLO?!!!! It is such a great opportunity to reach new fans and reconnect with old ones. Hopefully participating on DWTS was a learning experience for both.

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