Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bristol Palin: Dancing With The Stars Been Very Very Good For Her

Although getting third place on DWTS, Bristol Palin seems to be on her way to laughing all the way to the bank. Dancing With The Stars received so much attention and controversy with Palin continuing to last on the show, that DWTS may never be the same. But for Bristol it is a media coup. Dare I say, Bristol Palin is more popular than her mother Sarah Palin who is currently on her own book tour. There is talk that Bristol Palin maybe the new spokesmodel for an American clothing brand. Actually that is a good idea. Palin has an average American body frame. She isn't a stick figure and maybe that is why so many people felt a kinship to her. Palin isn't Hollywood. She is a girl who shoots shotguns, hunts, drives a truck and flips the finger when defending her family. Like it or not she added a refreshing twist to an anorexic world.

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