Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mama Mia!!!- Los Angeles, Italia Film Festival

After a busy day of shooting the Oscar drop down to his pedistal, I went to see the arrivals at the Los Angeles, Italia Film, Fashion & Art Fest at Mann Chinese Theatre. I think I met my next boyfriendCall me wierd but I just recently saw the film 300 and had no idea that the hot man Rodrigo Santoro played the villian in the movie until today (while doing a search on his work). Rodrigo is caliente!!!!!
He is so hot that photographers drool when he walks in a room... Funny thing is I collect great photographs of other photographers and sometimes place it on my walls as a constant stimulus and inspiration to be a constantly improving photographer. Rodrigo has been on my wall for a long time. He takes incredible photographs.
Let me stop drooling. Alot of favorites were in attendance. A great actor and legend Franco Nero who played "Lancelot" in CAMELOT.
He was so gorgeous in that movie and when he sang in that musical, it takes one's breath away. He was also in the subversive Querelle...
Brigette Nielson was also in the house wearing a retro 80's outfit.She looked hot!
Christian Slater of TRUE ROMANCE, always nice David Boreanaz of BONES, Sofia Milos looking
super chic from CSI MIAMI,Actor/Director Christian De Sica, and Dennis Hopper also in TRUE ROMANCE graced the event
. Lots of bella startlets from the small screen Katherine Kelly Lang of the soap opera Bold & The Beautiful which is extremely popular in Italy.Italian Goddess Maria Grazia Cucinotta wearing a wonderfully fitted black dress. And lots of beautiful faces...

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