Thursday, February 5, 2009

KAT Scratches Hollywood Toyota & Still Loves Lady Ga Ga

Just wanted to let some nice people know that I'll be adding more pictures here soon. A little problem with a card reader and an SD card that has a lot of new pictures on it hasn't been resolved so be patient.
As regards to my car, I have a hybrid. I bought it 7 years ago and it only has 44,000miles on it. I found out the early models had a flaw in their batteries. Not too happy with Toyota of Hollywood and their service. I spent a lot of money a few months ago, and they didn't even but the screws back on the battery cover, nor did they put the when to service the car sticker on the window, didn't wash the car, did miscellaneous work on the car to improve cash mileage and it didn't. So needless to say Fuck Toyota.
Other than that, I've continued my Love Affair with Lady Ga Ga's Music. I edited some pictures to U2 and I guess nobody cared because it only has a few hits (see previous blog). So I revamped the pictures and changed the Girl Pix to Lady Ga Ga's Beautiful Dirty Rich. It worked out much better I also added a picture of Bo Derek. I shot her last year & she looked gorgeous. I have a ton of Angela Bassett in the mix.

Also I did a video for the men that I shot Boys, Boys, Boys by Lady Ga Ga. There are ton of pictures of David Duchovny, Slash, Scott Weiland, Velvet Revolver, Entourage Guys, Forest Whitaker, Rick Fox, Director Rob Stewart and a whole bunch of other hot guys. Rob Stewart is the man wearing a Kilt. He was and is one of my favorite men of all time. Class Act. Some guys make your heart hurt for something you never had.

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