Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Found My Angela Bassett Pictures

As I stated in a previous blog, I was having difficulty finding some pictures that were on my other computer. I did find some so that was good. I can't tell you how many photos can be evaporated by the wrong click of a button on a hard drive. One must have a copy on a CD or DVD and then make another copy on an external hard drive just to be safe. It is far better to be anal retentive in regards to your art/work then to loose it and try to get from an uninterested agent.
Anyway, I shot Angela Bassett last year getting her star on Hollywood Blvd. I decided to make a video of just women called "Les Chats" (The Cats in French). The following video features besides Ms. Bassett, Giselle, Victoria Secret Models, Holly Madison (who seems to be the most popular celebrity on my youtube page) & Kendra formerly of The Girls Next Door, Janet Jackson, Brigette Nielson, Kim Kardashian and some other models/actresses in the mix. I may have made a mistake though I used an old U2 song "Even Better Than the Real Thing" it may not be current enough for people to respond to but I thought it was perfect for the clips. I hope you enjoy.

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