Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tristan MacManus: The Heir Apparent To The DWTS Throne

Tristan MacManus was not known by many DWTS fans until last season. After moving swiftly through the ranks of the dance troupe, the soft spoken Irish dancer became a pro on the show. On season 13 he danced with Kym Johnson and that was the moment he became a star. Tristan is one of the best dancers, I have ever seen. While the DWTS powers that be have given him older celebrity partners to dance with as a way of paying his dues, no doubt that within a season or two, Tristan MacManus will get a partner where he won't be holding back is extraordinary talent. With Maksim (the Bear) announcing his retirement from DWTS, it is obvious that MacManus will be a Lion on the show and the heir apparent to the vacated throne.

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  1. Love this article, love your work in general, and love TRISTAN! Thanks so much. Do you really think Maks is retiring?? Wow!