Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cop Orders Me To Make A Documentary So I Obey

This Cop was on one. I heard that he was asking the costume characters to leave in front of the Chinese Theater so I went to find out what was going on. This started a chain of events such as a tourist getting mad at me because I wouldn't stop filming to take a picture with her son even though I explained that the situation happening was more important since 1st Amendment Rights appeared to be being violated. At one point the cop was telling tourists not to tip the Transformer for taking pictures this happened right before I was able to record. FYI, helping injured people on Hollywood Boulevard while I'm there is true and I've done this numerous times which can be verified by the LAFD. Also I have found several lost children and returned them safely to their parents this can also be proven so I don't appreciate an "Officer of the Law" trying to intimidate me or other characters for being on Hollywood. For him to belittle the other two performers was an abuse of his authority in my opinion. As for the hot dog vendors, three years ago, I paid for an ate a hot dog. I suffered my first bout with food poisoning. I found out through talking to a police person when they did a sting, that the hot dog sellers have NO HEALTH PERMIT, do not refrigerate the hot dogs and when their vans were raided the Police found the hot dogs covered with ROACHES.

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  1. Great Video KatTales. That was a rude of the kid to ask for a pic when you were filming and then the mom came over. I mean dont they see the video Camera in your hand. The Cop was a asshole yelling and then spliting on u that was gross. I just want to say Great Video Great Stuff and Keep Up The Work
    Your Awesome KatTales
    Your Fan Shaun