Sunday, October 27, 2013

Stan Lee & The Lack Of Black Heroes

I asked Stan Lee a long time ago in a previous videos about more Black Super Heroes being created. He mentioned "The Black Panther". Fast forward to NOW,  Marvel has a new show on NBC called "Agents of The Shield". One of the complaints from some fans of the show, is that there are NO main characters that are BLACK on the series. During the first episode they had a character played by a Black Actor who was hunted down and shot in the head (not killed but taken back to the laboratory to fix). The main cast is all White with one Asian actress. Come on even FOX has a lead Black actress in "Sleepy Hollow". I expect more from NBC and Marvel. Although Samuel Jackson made a cameo in one of the early episode that is not good enough. I know, regardless if Stan Lee or Marvel does, Heroes of All Colors are important in the minds and hopes of children of all ages. It inspires many in ways that can't even be expressed. One Black super hero is not enough. One Storm or one Blade is not going to do when there are a plethora of Caucasian comic heroes and heroines. Stan Lee has the power to create more comic heroes of varying nationalities. Unfortunately, Hollywood is a power game not many Black Writers of Comic Books have the leverage that Stan Lee or Marvel or DC for that matter has. If Stan Lee or Marvel or DC won't I hope some other talented writers do and make their own movies if the big studios won't. Here is the original video from 2008 when I asked Mr. Lee about Black Super Heroes...

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