Monday, October 14, 2013

Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do!

A few weeks ago I heard a crazy rumor about a certain celebrity paid boyfriend who was on the DL using his new found power to solicit male lovers. Nothing new in Hollywood. Anyway, people in power use it or they wouldn't have it, n'est–ce pas? The rumor may or not be of Casper Smart, I'm sure there are other paid suitors in Hollyweird. CDAN has a juicy tale about JLo hooking up with Ben Affleck while she was in a relationship with Smart. RadarOnline is saying that JLo and Casper are on the outs. 
Casper Smart appeared to be a fantastic stand in for a father for Jennifer and Marc Anthony's young twins. In numerous occasions, Smart was the one taking on a care giving role. There has not been much evidence that Marc Anthony has played a prominent role in being a constant stable father for his children with Jennifer. Now the kids are in the mix of heartache if Lopez and Smart are on the skids because it is apparent that the twins are very fond of Casper.
It is tough for JLo to find the right partner like a lot of women, however it is hard on children to have men come in and out of their lives without a sense of permanence. Being a single parent dating is difficult. Adding to the mix, star status might make one prone to have to hire companions with an iron clad confidentiality contract. Casper maybe the one to loose BIG unless he has something on JLo but I'm sure Lopez has eyes watching Smart. Hopefully, if the pair are indeed on the outs, the twins won't be hurt with the loss.

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