Sunday, October 27, 2013

English Actor Mike Beckingham Explains Why He Bought A CD On Hollywood

Sometimes I stand on Hollywood and I'm hypnotized by what is happening. What makes a stranger stop? What kind of person knows who to target to sell a CD to? Why would a person buy a CD from a stranger on the street? A few days ago, I watched as a guy was walking on Hollywood Blvd with his earphones in his ear and a CD guy was able to stop him and although he originally said "No," the CD guy was able to turn the situation upside down into a yes and a sale. So afterwards, I asked the buyer whose name is Mike Beckingham an actor in the upcoming movie "Subconscious" why he bought the CD. Later we end up talking about movies. By the way Peter O'Toole is the actor I couldn't recollect during our conversation and the film which is one of my favorites is "THE RULING CLASS".

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