Saturday, November 23, 2013

KAT Explains The Reason Why Her Covering DWTS Season 17 Stopped

For the past 4 or so years I've covered DWTS comings and goings at rehearsals the entire season. Day in and day out from cold to rain to blistering sun. I loved the show so it was a pleasure. To be more specific I feel in love with the kindness of one particular person by the name of Tristan MacManus. So I will make this story short. I was accused of "attacking/assaulting" a 300lb paparazzi who lied to the LAPD and filed a false report. He forgot to mention that he attacked me from behind and shoved me. I raised my arms to protect myself. He also forgot to mention that he blocked and chased me around while we were shooting. The idea that a bully can get away with not only assault but lying to the LAPD and to some of the people that I care for more than you will ever know has caused me much pain. I don't have to push to get a shot. Look over my 3,000+ videos and see the number of people that I have interacted with and shared their stories. I will defend myself physically if anyone attacks me and by law I have the right to. So for those of you wondering why I haven't been shooting DWTS Season 17 everyday like I have in the past here is the answer. In previous videos, tweets and conversations, the harassment that I've dealt with has been documented. Being assaulted, battered and bullied is no joke and has serious consequences.  These aren't the kind of people I want to work around.

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