Friday, November 15, 2013

Is Rocky A Racist? Mickey Rourke Responds To Stallone Being A Racist

By the way the TMZ guy jumped in front while I was shooting Mickey Rourke so that is why his camera is in my frame. Anyway, Mickey Rourke responds to his best buddy Sylvester Stallone being accused of using the N-word yesterday.


  1. Thats the media for you, like to start fires and sell gossip. I heard Neither there. They could have been looking for something and Sly said neither there, as in well its not here either lets keep walking. TMZ did the same thing when Sly lost his son Sage , they continued to use drugs and empty bottles , then the next day it was different again now he was a drug dealer. YOu can't believe anything from TMZ there in the business of making problems and stirring the pot. Stallone has worked along many black actors, Starting from the beginning with Rocky. And for those who may say that just acting. Well he didnt' have to hire any black actors for his movies in the future and in The Expendables. Again just the media trying to start friction. Tmz is the lowest of the low. IF your still not sure Nig- ger is two Syllables) you can't clearly hear what Sly said but there is definately 3 words used like( leave her there ) or I heard neither there. But not Nigger.
    And now photgraphers are trying to get someone to agree with them. Way to go Mickey for not falling for their crap. anything to make waves these guys are creeps

  2. You know black people have problems when even they cover for a white person calling another black person a n-word... Ridiculous. Just like the black people letting Incognito say it and be racist to another black person.. There is no excuse for it, and no black person should be okay with it because next time it will be you.