Friday, December 3, 2010

Woody Harrelson and Rampart Shoots On Location In Downtown Los Angeles

A few days ago, I was heading back from Downtown and I came upon a movie set. I thought it was Dexter because they still had production signs around. So I walked around to watch. I end up standing by a store and I look up and Woody Harrelson is standing within ten feet from me. Once I saw Woody, I knew it was the movie Rampart. I had to laugh because Woody is known for hating to be photographed. Not to be hard on Woody, if people are rude, no one wants to be photographed by them. Anyway, I was so close to him that I just walked away because there was no way I was going to interrupt his conversation to take his picture. I went into a cafe to get something to eat and ended up getting into a conversation with someone and eventually was invited to lunch by a crew member. Although I felt a little awkward and asked if he was going to get in trouble, he said no problem and I accepted his invitation. Ah the joys of catered food. Sometimes I miss being on movie sets. We had a great conversation along with one of his friends and crew members as I enjoyed a very hearty lunch. I was going to my car after lunch to leave out of guilt then I decided to go back and shoot from a distance. I ended up climbing a tree and shooting. I had so much fun. I ran into some photographers with $10,000 lenses on the down low and I asked them if they had gotten anything. They said bits and pieces. It turns out the main scene was about to happen. They spread out behind two trees behind me that were far away from the action because their lenses could still get the action. I took a place by a beautiful, sturdy tree and hid behind the big limbs to take shots without being seen by the multiple cameras. I love shooting set locations. Anyway, I saw some of the other photogs photos on PopEater credited by Pacific Coast News. I learned something by looking at the shot that was bought. The photo editor chose a photo that depicts the action without the distractions of the crew or cameras. I tend to like showing the whole picture, the reactions, the crew and the crowd. Next time I will have the option of both.
Rampart depicts a rouge group of the LAPD is directed byOren Moverman.
As for the scene Woody Harrelson chases down a suspect that runs into his police car and then he beats him unmercifully in full view of the people in the area. It is hard to watch even though the stunt guy has body protection under his clothes. The scene was done several times and it can't be easy to do it over and over. After each take of the beat down, Woody Harrelson would always hug the stuntman and make sure he was ok.

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