Monday, February 10, 2014

Mel Brooks Is Alive & Well No Thanks To "Globe" Article

Recently while at the supermarket, I saw the Globe and a picture of Mel Brooks and Bob Newhart on the cover saying something to the effect that they were on their final days and knocking on death's door. I can't say I've seen Bob Newhart BUT I see Mel Brooks almost EVERY WEEK for years so I was slightly annoyed that they said  he was ill and dying or whatever spin they tried to tell. Meanwhile, the photo that they used in the "story" was from the same week Brooks had lunch with Bette Midler. The photo the Globe used was one while Mel was eating lunch and having fun with his friends. So imagine you are having a great lunch with pals and a photographer snaps you while your mouth is opened and then someone decides at a tabloid to make up a story that you are miserable and want to die? Not cool. I get it that it sells rags but still not cool. I love Mel Brooks. He is a comic genius and he is very nice. I as well as all of his fans in Beverly Hills enjoy having him around for a long long time. Shame on You GLOBE! By the way, February 7th was the 40th Anniversary of Blazing Saddles so thank you very much for all the laughs Mel Brooks! Lastly, in the above video, Mel says Bob Newhart goes to parties all the time.

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