Sunday, June 22, 2014

Not Easy Being A Dick - Andy Dick Battles Substance Abuse

  We love fairy tales. Many of us were brainwashed with them as children and believed in happy endings even when we were repeatedly shown evidence to the contrary. Don't get me wrong I fell under the spell of a happy ending for Andy Dick while he was on DWTS. I remember talking to Jon Lovitz in Beverly Hills and he warned me that Andy wasn't sober and never would be.
  Recently, during the DWTS 18 finale, it was reported that Andy Dick was escorted out of the show after being wasted. Sad but that was all the recent news when you Google, the comic.
  It brings up an interesting discussion about whether people prefer Andy Dick wasted. It appears that Dick shot his own foot. It is like the "Boy Who Cried Wolf" one too many times except Andy has been wasted then sober then wasted again. So many times has he gone up and down the roller coaster elevator addiction ride that he is a caricature of himself. An aging Pan that keeps playing the same tune who only gets casts  as a self deprecating reality TV star. Gone are any roles that show him otherwise. Whose fault is it? Andy Dick. It begs the question if the "Powers That Be" will ever cast him in anything besides the wasted Fool that people are used to and have grown fond of.
  Addicts always think that I'm mean when I tell the truth. They don't like it but I don't like the excuses that Addicts always give for their addictions and for hurting the people who give them (repeated) chances. There is only so much a person that respects themselves can put up with someone who destroys themselves and others. I sincerely wish Andy Dick gets his shit together. I think a new show with his daughter Meg would be amazing. I think Andy's sincere love for his children is the purest thing he has. I no longer believe in fairy tales though. Reality beat it out of me. In my personal life I've dealt with family members and friends that battled addiction. It is a devastating war that leaves serious scars. It takes you to a point where you have to cut them off to save yourself. And you can only allow them back if they are sober for a considerable amount of time.

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